Plants vs Zombies


Meet the new disco zombie in Plants Vs Zombies

Jaz McDougall at

Yesterday, PopCap announced that they'd decided to retire the dancing Michael Jackson-shaped zombie from future versions of Plants versus Zombies. I asked them what they'd be replacing him with. The answer has a hairy chest, white flared trousers, and fabulous hair.

One copy of Bejewelled sold every four seconds

Craig Pearson at

I knew sitting in on the Pop Cap talk at the Develop conference was a good idea. Pop Cap’s Dave Bishop just dropped some amazing Pop Cap fact bombs.

Plants Vs Zombies 2 news coming soon?

Dan Stapleton at


We just got this cryptic message from the zombies PopCap. Could the plant-eating dead rise again on August 2?

New findings reveal that gamers trust reviews

Jaz McDougall at

A recent study has underline the impact of reviews on sales. After reading positive reviews and playing Plants versus Zombies for the first time, most participants gleefully accepted a copy of the game instead of their promised cash fee. Those who were shown poor reviews just took the money.

50 games to play at work

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Playing games at work shouldn’t just been seen as idling. You are exercising your mind, taking it to a mental gym. So we've compiled a list of 50 games you can play at work.