Planet Explorers

Planet Explorers review (Early Access)

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Early Access reviews offer our preliminary verdicts on in-development games. We may follow up this unscored review with a final, scored review in the future.

Planet Explorers made me appreciate the genius of Minecraft’s basic building block: the simple, 16x16 pixel cube from which flows an entire universe of creativity. Planet Explorers tries expand on the genre Minecraft created by adding more options, more granularity—more everything. Its potential initially inspired me to explore and create, but eventually taught me that Minecraft’s simplicity and comparatively limited scope are some of its biggest assets.

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Planet Explorers is a charming looking voxel based exploration game. Alpha available now

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Those folks on Reddit have drawn our attention to an beautiful looking new indie 'build and explore' game by the name of Planet Explorers. Just take a look at that terrain morphing technology why don't you? And while you're there, enjoy the world, it's lovely.

Planet Explorers is about the crew of a colony ship that crash lands on a beautiful but hostile alien world. Players must then survive on the planet by constructing buildings, vehicles and weapons while avoiding the dangerous local wildlife andle helping the other colonists survive in the wilderness. It's currently only single player but developers Pathea Games plan to expand it to include multiplayer later on.