Pirates of the Black Cove

New Pirates of the Black Cove trailer sails online

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The latest trailer for Paradox Interactive and Nitro Games' Pirates of the Black Cove has appeared online, and it features a healthy dose of thrilling ship-ter-ship combat, as well as some traditional Monkey Island-like tunes. Plus a Kraken for good measure.

The RTS/RPG launches August 2, but if you think you'll contract scurvy before then you can satisfy your needs with the demo, which can be picked up over at FilePlanet.

[via VG24/7]

The Sunday Video Pwn

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Half-Life 2 has a very special place in our hearts, so any opportunity to revisit it is a good one. Take a look at this trailer for Erik Rempen's Ladder mod. It seems simple enough to start out with, but as the game progresses the intensity increases. This is down to the excellent implementation of destructibility; it's almost like watching Bad Company 2 in the Source engine. The main tower collapsing is a notable "awesome!" moment. If you'd like to slaughter Combine in exploderific terrain, you should definitely download it.

Paradox Interactive to release Pirates of the Black Cove

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Paradox have just revealed new RTS, Pirates of the Black Cove, at their press conference.

The game is naturally orientated around all things Pirates, with the player looking to "plunder [their] way across the Caribbean" in search infamous pirates to recruit and settlements to raid, with the ultimate goal of becoming the king of all pirates.

The game is an RTS, but also features some action-RPG elements to spice things up a bit. The game is developed by Nitro Games.

To get the latest on Paradox Interactive's press conference as it happens, head over to our live blog.