Senate slams brakes on PIPA, SOPA shelved for the time being

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Hey-ho, the witch is dead. OK, in truth, SOPA and PIPA will only remain six feet under until they inevitably reach mud-crusted hands out of their graves with newfound rhetoric and support, but the results of recent Internet-wide protesting are encouraging, to say the least. We haven't won just yet, but the tide of battle is most certainly turning.

Ludum Dare stop PIPA game jam kicks off tomorrow

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The Stop Online Piracy Act took a blow earlier this week when Congress delayed the vote in the face of opposition from The White House, but its Senate counterpart, PIPA is still going. Many sites are planning a blackout tomorrow to protest against the bill. Ludum Dare are planning their own protest, in the form of an anti-PIPA game jam.

Their mission is simple: "Let’s protest! Make anti SOPIPA games on January 18 and make the internet crawl with these! It’s the best we can do, let’s abuse it and help the internet stay the awesome place it is now!" Heavyweights like Minecraft creator, Notch have already thrown their hats into the ring. You can follow the latest Stop PIPA chatter on twitter by following the #SOPAJam tag, and keep track of the latest entries on the Ludum Dare site. Thanks to Sosowski for the tip.

SOPA stalls in the face of White House opposition

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The Stop Online Piracy Act hit a wall over the weekend after The White House came out against the bill. The Hill reports on comments from house oversight chairman Darrell Issa, who was assured by majority leader Eric Cantor that more work was needed "to address outstanding concerns and work to build consensus prior to any anti-piracy legislation coming before the House for a vote."

Shortly before that statement, SOPA sponsor chairman Lamar Smith offered to make significant concessions to the section of the bill that would require ISPs to block offending sites, but it wasn't enough. SOPA's Senate counterpart, the Protect IP Act, is still on the table, however.