Goat Simulator devs plan new map, local multiplayer, and goat parkour

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Earlier this month, Coffee Stain Studios made the case for giving their customers free DLC. Now the goat experts are doing exactly that in the first big patch for Goat Simulator. On its blog, Coffee Stain has detailed what the free DLC will include. Are you ready for goat parkour?

Goat Simulator dev makes the case for free DLC

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As consumers, we’d prefer to get content updates for free rather than pay for them. Yesterday, Coffee Stain Studios announced that it will patch more content into Goat Simulator for free in May, and according to the developer’s game designer and PR manager Armin Ibrisagic, that's not only great for us, but also good for business.

Goat Simulator gets free maps and multiplayer mode in May patch

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The bad news is that Coffee Stain Studios, developer of Goat Simulator, has announced that it’s not planning to sell any DLC for its not-quite-a-simulation game. The amazing news is that the team plans to add a bunch of free content to the game some time in the middle of May.

Three cars tumble joyously off a cliff in latest BeamNG physics demo

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It's the happy music that really makes this, I think. Check out the latest soft-body physics demo from BeamNG, the guys behind that other vehicle-crashing demonstration. This time, they've got three cars rolling helplessly down a very steep hill, with tires and car doors flying every which-way in the wake.

SIGGRAPH 2013 technology trailer showcases experimental graphics, drool-worthy physics

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An incredible new trailer has been released for SIGGRAPH 2013, a long-running technical papers program focused on computer graphics and interactive technology. While most of the voiceover narration went completely over my head, I did enjoy looking at the pretty pictures.

Son of Nor: telekinesis and terraforming in a dynamic desert world

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Ignore Son of Nor's generic fantasy title and focus on this: it's a single/four-player co-op action adventure featuring physics-powered telekinesis, terraforming and elemental magic, which can be combined to seemingly hilarious effect. It's the Magicka/Zelda mashup you never knew you needed, and it's now on Kickstarter asking for $150,000 for the right to exist. Read on for the pitch video, plus a billion other equally intriguing video updates.

Video: Fight terrifying physics robots in the best action platformer you've probably never played

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I have to tell you about Intrusion 2, because it's like a game from my stupid dreams about games that couldn't exist. It's a platformer where everything is physically modelled: your little commando runs around and shoots dudes, but every limb of those dudes is an object that can collide with obstacles and be knocked around mid-animation.

More importantly, so is every limb of the increasingly ridiculous robot monsters you fight, which scramble intelligently across the changing scenery to hurl things at you, breathe plasma and stab you with their robot tails. Ironically for robots, I don't think I've ever seen videogame enemies seem so alive. They adapt to whatever impossible bit of terrain you try to trap them in and hunt you relentlessly.

Crashtastic trailer: build and destroy vehicles for skinny robots

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