Valve approves 21 more Steam Greenlight games

Tyler Wilde at

Valve announced today that 21 more games have passed the Greenlight community test and will be published on Steam. Among the chosen few are Miner Wars 2081, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Forge, and literally 18 more. See the full list inside.

Three crazy ways politics are taking over MMOs

Gavin Townsley at

If you feel like you’re not getting enough politics from your everyday life, never fear—several virtual worlds out there offer plenty of opportunity for you to practice your campaigning and scheming. Here’s a closer look at political systems for three of them.

Perpetuum gets launch date and new trailer

Tom Senior at

Perpetuum is a giant robot MMO set on a series of islands inhabited by a race of robo-beings determined to stop humanity from getting its hands on their valuable resources. In an effort to best these indigenous robots, humanity builds even bigger robots, and, well, you can see where things go from there. Delving beyond the giant robots, there's a player driven economy, and a time based experience and skill system, giving it a lot in common with space MMO Eve Online. A launch trailer has just been released, and the game's currently in open beta, so anyone can give it a try. Read on for details.