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PC Gamer US Podcast #322 - Feline Mothership

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Listen in on our comms this week as we discuss Fortnite, Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion, The War Z. Is copying the mechanics of a certain Arma 2 mod lazy, or is it simply the beginning of a new genre? We've also got some hands-on details for PlanetSide 2 and answer listener questions. What is one to do when you dump coffee on your keyboard? The answer may surprise you.

All this, what we've been playing, DayZ storytime, and more. PC Gamer US Podcast 322: Feline Mothership

PC Gamer US Podcast #321 - Fantastic Voyage

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Returning from a modest hiatus that wasn't at all related to a time travel accident, we catch up on this week's happenings: Valve happenings, Day Z happenings, Kickstarter happenings, and beyond. We also wade into the Steam Summer Sale with $60 imaginary dollars to spend.

PC Gamer US Podcast 321: Fantastic Voyage


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What is Catfantastic? CATFANTASTIC IS MEOW! Run with Evan, Josh, Tyler, two Chrises and hostmaster Logan Decker as they navigate a gauntlet of incredibly cruel trivia, electroshock therapy, and a blackhole of math and fairness for the epic 300th episode of the PC Gamer US Podcast!


PC Gamer US Podcast #297: Friendly Fire

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The new Counter-Strike beta is a GO, and Evan has been on the frontlines to bring us his thoughts on the rebooted counter-terrorist warfare. Josh fills us in on the biggest updates to hit WoW, EVE, and DCUO this week, while Greg and Chris barely make it out of their encounter with Serious Sam: BFE with their miniguns intact (and live to tell about it). And, try as we might, we just can't help ourselves but talk about Skyrim. Then again, who could blame us?

PC Gamer US Podcast 297: Friendly Fire

PC Gamer US Podcast #296: Happy Gamesgiving

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Happy Gamesgiving, everyone! We celebrate the Turkeyist time of the year with another hearty podcast loaded with the usual news discussion and a heaping side of what we're thankful for this year in games. Josh fills us in on everything TOR-related now that the embargo has been lifted off his weary shoulders. Greg plays an instant classic out of the Vietnamese shooter 7554, and we all can't help ourselves from talking about the Muppets.

PC Gamer US Podcast 296: Happy Gamesgiving

PC Gamer US Podcast #295: Fond Farewells

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Parting is such sweet sorrow, but it doesn't have to be all bad. We bid Dan Stapleton a fond farewell on this week's podcast, with Evan, Josh, Chris and Lucas giving him the best podcasting sendoff they can muster. You'll find out the answers to some of life's most profound questions: what's the best game of the last 8 years? Is there anything bad about Skyrim? What's the deal with quicktime events? And, most importantly, what's the difference between a zombie and a mummy?

PC Gamer US Podcast 295: Fond Farewells

PC Gamer US Podcast #292: Prattlefield 3

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The man. The myth. The legend. Chris Antista enters the wild world of the PC Gamer podcast, far from home and without a clue where he is (or, he's recording a podcast in the very same room where he did Talk Radar). Alongside Dan, Lucas, Gavin, and Greg, they'll traverse the misty plains of Battlefield 3 impressions, encountering singleplayer goofiness and multiplayer war stories. Then they'll trudge through the deserts of BlizzCon impressions, the sea of Truthiness and Falsity, and the Swamps of Torment, where Xbox games appear in the Playlist. It is, without a doubt, an epic venture.

PC Gamer US Podcast 292: Prattlefield 3

PC Gamer US Podcast #286: Jurassic Remark

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Sometimes, only a classic documentary about the resurrection of dinosaurs can help you explain your thoughts. Join us for this week's velociraptor-themed podcast, with special guest Ian Hardingham of Mode 7 games, makers of the excellent strategic-warfare-meets-Counter-Strike Frozen Synapse. Share in the delightful recollections of our favorite games and quirkiest surprises from PAX Prime 2011, including in-depth discussions on the PC Gaming Press Conference, Tribes: Ascend, League of Legends: Dominion, Warp, and more. Also: effortless Jurassic Park metaphors.

PC Gamer US Podcast 286: Jurassic Remark

PCG US Podcast #281: Indie Invasion

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This week, Lucas takes the helm of the PCG Podcasting Pinnace with crew-mates Chris, Tyler, Evan, and Josh, as they discuss a week's worth of tantalizing news stories. You'll find out which indie games we're lovin' right now, what constitutes a worthwhile Collector's Edition, the verdict in co-op versus competitive multiplayer, Chris' physical dependencies to Civilization V, and many more amusing anecdotes. Message of the week: drink booze to regain mana!

PC Gamer US Podcast 281: Indie Invasion

PC Gamer US Podcast #274: Hello Tyler. Goodbye Anthony.

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This week, Head Intern [sic] Anthony assembles a team consisting of Lucas, Chris and PCG's newest editor, Tyler Wilde (formerly of GamesRadar) to stop the Reapers and save the Galaxy. But first, they must discuss the topics of the week that was. Stories include Modern Warfare 3, League of Legends' new Tribunal system, Age of Conan going free-to-play, the announcement of Ghost Recon Online, Windows 8 and Duke Nukem Forever finally going gold. We also do a round of Truthiness and Falsity, answer your questions and say our goodbyes to Anthony.

PC Gamer US Podcast 274: Hello Tyler. Goodbye Anthony.