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PC Gamer Podcast #360 - Drunk-lunky

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This week, Logan, Evan, and Cory ponder over the recent batch of game remakes, scan for inconsistencies in Papers, Please, and take an Nvidia Shield with them to the bath. The guys also make a strong case for the shopkeeper's right to bear arms in Spelunky. All this, our playlists, and more, on...

PC Gamer US Podcast #313 - When two Tribes go to TOR

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Evan delivers the final verdict on Tribes: Ascend, Josh puts The Old Republic’s enormous update through the paces, Chris played Max Payne 3 at PAX East, we're loving Mass Effect 3's Resurgence Pack, and we’re giving away FREE DLC in one of our easiest contests EVAR! Listen to find out how to win.

PC Gamer US Podcast 313: When two Tribes go to TOR

Congratulations to the winners of CATFANTASTIC! [US only]

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Thanks to everyone who played, listened, and just plain tolerated ELECTROCATFANTASTIC. In honor of PC Gamer’s 300th US Podcast, we not only tortured one another with an electric stun wand as part of America’s cruelest game show—we also invited loyal listeners to play along for a chance to win some FABULOUS prizes!