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PC Gamer US Podcast #305: Community Extravaganza

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This week, PCG Little League team captain Evan's letting the fans do the talking, with Chris, Tyler, Gavin and Lucas also on the roster for listener question overtime. Besides a rundown of the latest releases that are worth your attention, we do our best to answer the queries phoned in by our beloved listeners. Also: learn of the imminent super-villain origin story which Evan set in motion one fateful year ago.

PC Gamer US Podcast 305: Community Extravaganza

PC Gamer US Podcast #304: Justified

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The Game of the Year awards 2011 have come and gone, and we thought we'd take an hour (or two) to break down our decision-making process. For those of you questioning reality and the fabric of life itself after seeing our choices, we're here to help. Chris Antista has channeled the demon spirits of the Internet Zeitgeist, joined by Evan, Josh, Lucas, and Gavin, as they explain the thought process behind each and every selection. No punches are pulled in this marathon of elucidation—whether you gave our selections a thumbs up or the bird, this is definitely worth a listen.

PC Gamer US Podcast 304: Justified

PC Gamer UK Podcast 64 – The Steam charts, Batman: Arkham City, The Old Republic

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Tim, Tom Francis and Chris Thursten talk through the latest Steam charts, discuss Batman: Arkham City and its DLC (really, this time), worry that PC gaming has become too connected, answer some good questions from Twitter, and - with a lot of warning and only at the very end - discuss an exciting level-35 Imperial spoiler for The Old Republic. There are also spoilers for KOTOR and eventually Arkham City in this section.

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PC Gamer US Podcast #303: 52 Hours

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This week, Lucas carries out the cult rituals of the PCG tribe with Evan, Josh, Tyler, and Gavin as they seek the answers within to the most pressing of questions. What game determined their path through life? What is their deepest, darkest PC gaming passion? How do they nourish themselves whilst gaming like champions? And who, pray tell, participated in a LAN for a whopping 52 straight hours?! Don your cabalistic cloaks and join us in this inward-looking ceremony.

PC Gamer US Podcast 303: 52 Hours

PC Gamer US Podcast #289: Mechs-ico

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PC Gamer Digital is a go, and as the rest of the staff skips with glee throughout the office, Lucas, Evan, Dan, Chris, and Greg take to the recording studio to make good on their ancient podcasting pact. This week, we're talking PCG Digital, even more LoL: Dominion ownage, the Battlefield 3 beta, TOR's release date, and more. And get on your earmuffs, kiddies: Evan's channeling his inner sailor this week.

PC Gamer US Podcast 289: Mechs-ico

PC Gamer US Podcast E3 2011 Special #2

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On this second of the E3 2011 special podcast presentations we get the lowdown from Chris, Evan, Tyler, Josh, and Lucas on everything PC game related that you absolutely need to know about direct from the E3 epicenter.

Watch this space for more E3 podcasts that will transport your curious mind straight to the show floor.

PC Gamer US Podcast E3 2011 Special #2

PC Gamer US Podcast #274: Hello Tyler. Goodbye Anthony.

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This week, Head Intern [sic] Anthony assembles a team consisting of Lucas, Chris and PCG's newest editor, Tyler Wilde (formerly of GamesRadar) to stop the Reapers and save the Galaxy. But first, they must discuss the topics of the week that was. Stories include Modern Warfare 3, League of Legends' new Tribunal system, Age of Conan going free-to-play, the announcement of Ghost Recon Online, Windows 8 and Duke Nukem Forever finally going gold. We also do a round of Truthiness and Falsity, answer your questions and say our goodbyes to Anthony.

PC Gamer US Podcast 274: Hello Tyler. Goodbye Anthony.