Payday 2 gets free DLC for Christmas, more content over next 20 months

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Payday 2 continues to crank out content for fans, including this week’s Christmas DLC—dubbed Charlie Santa Heist—which went out free to all players on Monday. To celebrate, Overkill released a surprisingly affecting trailer, assembled from the point of view of a 911 call, cell phone camera footage, and news helicopters.

Payday 2 director: open communication helps foster "a real connection" with players

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Developer Overkill Software has been uncommonly dedicated to communicating with fans of its recently released heist shooter Payday 2, absorbing feedback, and releasing sweeping overhauls of game systems. Payday 2 was solid but had a few problems when Craig reviewed it, but since release, Payday 2 has been updated 13 times, receiving a new heist, new masks, a rebuilt economy and unlocking system, new skill tree descriptions, and numerous balancing tweaks.

Overkill also frequently answers fans on Twitter with screenshots of new characters and plans for future updates. In a lot of ways, this continued support and free updating of a game is the kind of attention we’d see from the team behind an MMO. A Halloween update has already hit, and more free content is on the way. David Goldfarb, game director at Overkill, says that they plan to continue to support the game for the foreseeable future.

Watch as Overkill studios QA plays a level in Payday 2

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A new video posted by Overkill Studios, developers of Payday 2, walks us through a bank robbery as played by the QA team. The walkthrough shows how the different robber classes and equipment will interact during a heist, and how the whole thing can fall apart in an instant. Plus, it looks like a lot of fun.

Payday 2 video shows off the roles of the robbers

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Emptying the vault of high-security bank can be somewhat tricky. There are guards, cameras and that one bank employee who tries to be a hero and pushes the shiny red button under their desk when they aren’t supposed to. It’s why we bank robbers have specific roles to play, which Payday 2’s game director explains in this video.

E3 2011: Payday: The Heist trailer and in-game video shows co-operative bank robbery

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Payday: The Heist came out of nowhere to shock Tim yesterday, forcing him down onto the ground with its co-operative bank robbing action, and raiding his figurative vault of interest. Today, we get to see a set of videos: the trailer, above, and an in-game video below the cut.

Answer: like Left 4 Dead, but with much more swearing and much more cop murder. A heady blend. Click through to see the game in action on the PC.