Pay what you want

The Indie Buskers want to turn your game ideas into real games

Chris Thursten at

The Indie Buskers are Sophie Houlden (SWIFT*STITCH), Rat King Entertainment (Pitman), Sos Sosowski (Congress Chainsaw Massacre), Pekka Kujansuu (Tiny Hawk) and Ido Yehieli (Cardinal Quest). They've come up with a new kind of indie bundle that merges pay-what-you-want with the increasingly popular two-day game jam format.

Proun pirated by 40% of players. Pay What You Want model "did pretty badly," says creator

Tom Senior at

Proun is a gorgeous indie game that has you racing along a rail through abstract worlds. It was released back in June under a pay what you want model. Back then, Proun's creator Joost van Dongen promised to release the sales data to let everyone know how the payment system worked for him. Now Gamasutra report on a huge blog post van Dongen has published, revealing the exact sales figures for Proun. His verdict? "Proun is a big success! Pay What You Want is not!"