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Star Citizen's expanded PAX East video shows off spacewalking and stealth

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Star Citizen's recent blast of gameplay footage is what happens when you give the Once and Future King of space games $41 million to make his dream space game a reality: ie much whooping and unbridled excitement over one admittedly pretty stonking video. But what if you could watch the same video again, with added interview bits and extra footage, including stealth manoeuvers (in the dark) and a moderately terrifying Gravity-style spacewalk? If your answer contains hollering and/or whooping, you may join me after the break.

The week's highs and lows in PC gaming

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Each week PC Gamer probes the previous seven days to scientifically establish what rocked our world and made us despair for its very future. As usual, we begin with the good stuff…

Source: Steam Controller will be available in "October or November"

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A trusted hardware source with knowledge of Valve’s Steam Machines project told PC Gamer at PAX East that Valve’s Steam Controller will release in October or November of 2014.

Star Citizen dogfighting shown at PAX East, crowd goes wild

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Sometimes, just sometimes, the whooping and hollering you get at conventions feels acceptable. The first in-game footage of the dogfighting element of Star Citizen, which was shown by Chris Roberts at PAX East today, feels like just such an occasion. See the footage below.

Watch the PC Gamer PAX East panel archived here

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Whoa! We filled a room with PC Gamers at our PAX East 2014 panel this year, “The (Incredible) Future of PC Gaming.” Thanks to the 1,200-plus who paid us a visit in PAX’s Albatross Theatre, and to everyone who tuned in remotely through Twitch. If you missed the panel, don’t fret! We’ve got the full video right here.

Double Fine literally sing the praises of Hack 'n' Slash in new video

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To celebrate/promote the fact its new game Hack 'n' Slash is headed for Steam Early Access and playable at PAX East this weekend, Double Fine has released this trailer. It's a little heavy on the Lonely Island-style skit/song stuff and light on actual gameplay, but still as charming and whimsical as you've probably come to expect from the house that Schafer built.

Hearthstone singleplayer adventure mode announced, called Curse of Naxxramas

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"New interactive corners!" isn't a phrase you'd normally associate with an exciting announcement, but Blizzard's Hearthstone does have some proddable boards. The game's new corners are attached to a somewhat more significant announcement: a new singleplayer PvE mode. Curse of Naxxramas: A Hearthstone Adventure will challenge players to overcome five wings of the Warcraft dungeon—flinging their decks at a series of bosses, in order to earn brand new cards.

Xbox One indie darling, Below, is also coming to Steam

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What with its controversial launch parity policy, Microsoft hasn't exactly done a bang up job of wooing indie developers onto the Xbox One thus far. That said, one of the more promising projects which it has managed to sign up is Below from Capybara Games. Previously billed as an Xbox One exclusive, the latest trailer for the game reveals it will also be coming to the PC. I mean, of course it is. Capybara seem like bright people. Why the hell wouldn't it be?

You're invited to PC Gamer's PAX East afterparty

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Going to PAX East? Chances are pretty good that you'll run into the PC Gamer team. There's our panel, The (Incredible) Future of PC Gaming, happening on Friday at Noon. Evan, Tyler, and Cory will be on the show floor all weekend, just waiting for you to say hello. And if you somehow still can't find us, consider yourself invited to our very own party.

Post-PAX recap: "The Death of an Indie Studio" by Scott Macmillan

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At the “Death of an Indie Studio” PAX East panel earlier this month, developer Scott Macmillan offered a reality-check to the dream of indie success. For an hour, he autopsied his defunct studio, Macguffin Games. “Part of why I want to do this talk is because if those lessons don't circulate around a bit and become useful to people, then I failed in some way. Besides the obvious way that I failed.”