Resident Evil 4 HD update fixes framerate drops, Capcom tackling other community issues

Ian Birnbaum at

A new patch for classic action game Resident Evil 4 HD arrived late last week, bringing with it a handful of tweaks and bug fixes. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but what is encouraging is that this RE4's fifth update in as many weeks. Updates seem to be scheduled for every Friday for the foreseeable future, a schedule that shows Capcom is absolutely serious about supporting this PC port. As the grumpy survivors of too many terrible PC ports, this is a commitment we'd like to celebrate.

Battlefield 4 getting tweaks to infantry weapons, including shotguns and DMRs

Omri Petitte at

Funny fact: Battlefield 4 has a lot of guns. You wouldn't think that were the case in multiplayer, as the majority of BF4 players have tended to prefer a few all-around beastly weapons—the Assault's M4A1 or the Engineer's MTAR-21, as examples—that sadly diminishes the chances of seeing more specialized firepower during a match. In a Battlefield Blog post today, DICE outlines some of the upcoming changes to footsoldier weapons as an effort to boost the variance of gun popularity and choice for players.

Far Cry 3's latest patch adds DLC support, frees up glorious screen space

Phil Savage at

The 1.04 update for Far Cry 3 has the usual collection of bug fixes and tweaks. Removing the "reloading" shout after shooting the bow in multiplayer? Makes sense. Fixing a bug that made weapon models stick to the character's arm? Totally useful. Adding support for downloadable content? Inevitable.

But forget all that, because there's something far more useful hidden in those patch notes.

Huge Call of Duty: Black Ops II patch addresses balancing, graphics issues

Shaun Prescott at

League of Legends pre-Season 3 patch brings sweeping changes

Phil Savage at

Riot have released an enormous patch for League of Legends, making big changes to the game in the lead up to Season 3. The update has been designed to tweak a number of areas: new and adjusted items give more flexibility to late game builds; jungling has been rejigged, with scaling difficulty and less gold from mobs; and masteries have been overhauled to reduce the availability of early game resistance stats. The focus, it appears, is to increase the number of strategic options available to each character. Riot have released a video to outline the important bits of the patch, which I've embedded below.

Guild Wars 2 patch brings profession adjustments as ArenaNet discusses balance

Omri Petitte at

ArenaNet implemented a sizable Guild Wars 2 patch this morning shoring up a few balance tweaks for the fantasy MMO's eight professions. The developer also took to the forums in a post sharing its moderate stance on gauging ability changes and nerfs/buffs. Check out the full patch notes and an excerpt from the post inside.

Elemental now works, old savegames now don't

Tom Francis at

Elemental: War of Magic was updated to version 1.06 this morning (UK time), and I'm happy to say the game is finally stable. I haven't encountered any crashes to desktop since the patch Tuesday night, and the last major issue with the game on our systems is finally fixed. But finish your current game before patching. Unlike the other patches thus far, this one invalidates your existing savegames, including all your progress through the campaign.