Patch notes

Final Fantasy XIV patch 2.1 adds more PvP, new dungeons, kidnapped snowman

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Square Enix has detailed the new content it added to Final Fantasy XIV in patch 2.1, which is now available to download. Most notably, the patch—titled A Realm Awoken—adds a new PvP arena, player housing, and The Crystal Tower, a new 24-player dungeon.

Oh, and it also used the opportunity to add a bunch of holiday-themed content to the game with this year's Starlight Celebration, which tasks you with saving a kidnapped snowman.

Crusader Kings II: Linux port, Republic video and some excellent patch notes

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We've already brought you a lengthy interview and expansive rundown on the new additions of Crusader Kings 2's Republic DLC expansion. But in the wake of its release, there's some CK2 news housekeeping to be done. The big news is the addition of a Linux version, but instead I think we'll kick off with the patch notes. They contain the sentence "Constantine de Hauteville is no longer female," which is just too good to pass up.

Tribes: Ascend open beta update adds new map, badges and sonic punches

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Tribes: Ascend is in open beta. You can sign up, download it and play it right now. It's already good fun, but it's still a work in progress. There are plenty more maps and perks to be added before Hi-Rez consider the game complete. The latest patch has made a few of those additions already, adding a new team deathmatch map called "Outskirts" and two new perks.

The first is Rage. Getting angry will boost your energy regeneration and offer you a 25% heal if you're standing next to your flag when an enemy snatches it, a good perk for defenders who have just been blown off the flag by a Pathfinder's spinfusor disk. The second one is a little more exotic. The Sonic Punch will send out a shockwave when you melee. This can push back enemy players and, importantly, dislodge a flag from an opponent's grasp. It'll be interesting to see how top Tribes players make use of this one.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim patch 1.4.27 fixes companion sneaking

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Ever managed to sneak right up to an enemy's exposed back, only to have your companion stand up and start stomping around the place screaming battle cries and alerting the entire dungeon to your presence? The latest Skyrim patch insists that companions will "now sneak properly when player is sneaking." FINALLY. Hopefully that means lone rogues can roll with some company from here on in.

The Bethblog mentions that the patch has moved out of beta and will now apply automatically through Steam. The update also comes with fixes for a few mod issues, and will let you continue to download mods even when you're subscribed to 50 already, hopefully bypassing the pesky limit that some players were running into.

Star Wars: The Old Republic data-mined updates hint at future features

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The tireless chaps at TORhead have been pulling clues out of the Star Wars: The Old Republic files, and have found evidence of many of the features Bioware are planning to add over the course of the coming year. Their round-up contains features that we could see in patches 1.2 through to 1.5.

As a wise talking cabbage once said. "If spoilers you wish to avoid, click "Read and Comment" you must not."

The Witcher 2 patch 1.35 fixes Steam achievements and blood spatters

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A new update has landed for The Witcher 2. Evil Avatar spotted the fix list on The Witcher 2 site where the patch is available to download now. It makes a number of small but useful fixes to a few quests, some scientists in Flotsam get proper names and, importantly, "Game exe files are no longer treated as a threat by popular antivirus software." You'll find the full patch notes below.

The Witcher 2 patch 1.3 to add extra quest and save woman in Vergen

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The upcoming 1.3 patch for The Witcher 2 will add free DLC, according to a new post on The Witcher 2 site. The new DLC will slot add some bonus witchering to chapter two, with a quest called "A Sackful of Fluff," and "will prove most rewarding to those who demonstrate patience." There's no news on what the quest will contain. Hopefully witches.

The patch will also fix a lot of UI irritations. A much needed "junk" section in your items menu should help avoid the embarrassing situation where Geralt is carrying so many looted toenails he can't physically move any more. If you simply must keep all of those toenails, inns now provide item storage. Haters of annoying imp creatures will also be pleased to know that a "problem with some nekkers being immortal has been resolved," and a random woman in Vergen will be pleased to hear that "option to fist fight woman praying at a statue in Vergen has been deactivated." Full patch notes follow.

Fallout: New Vegas patch to improve performance and crush dozens of bugs

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The Old World Blues DLC for Fallout: New Vegas is out on Friday. The Bethblog announes that a humongous patch is set to arrive alongside the expansion. The update will add make "massive world optimizations" and add a pre-ending sequence autosave for players who want to jump straight back into the New Vegas with all their gear. A swarm of miscellaneaous bugs have exterminated for good measure. You'll find the full list of patch changes next to lots of little red boxes below.

StarCraft 2 1.3 patch: Infestors slowed, Archons now "a massive unit"

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Patch notes for the latest StarCraft 2 patch have appeared on Battle.Net, detailing all the latest StarCraft 2 balance adjustments and bug fixes. Archons get a range increase and are now "a massive unit," Zerg Infestors are slower, Protoss Pylon power radius is down and, most importantly of all, the Taiwanese hotkey to display/hide the game UI while in Observer mode now works correctly. About time! Full patch notes follow.