Make a drive caddy out of cardboard

Adam Oxford at

Just upgraded your hard drive and not sure what to do with the old one? Why not recycle it into an environmentally friendly external drive for backing up game saves and the like with a cardboard case?

That's what's on offer with the rather remarkable BytePac hard drive enclosures. Order one, and you'll receive a box full of SATA to USB cables in the post. Empty the box out and you can fit a standard 3.5inch drive inside with plenty of room for air flow. It's fully recycled and recyclable, guaranteed for five years and designed to look like a magazine boxfile for archiving and labelling multiple drives full of old game saves and screenshots.

Alliance wins at cardboard Warcraft

Richard Bett at

Let this be a life lesson. There are no better ways to solve conflicts than by rendering them in cardboard and letting fireworks determine the victor. World of Warcraft guild Ouroboros have done precisely that by constructing delightful cardboard replica's of both the Horde and Alliance aerial gunships and letting them solve their differences through the use of brightly coloured explosives.