Outcast Reboot HD

Outcast Reboot HD devs concede Kickstarter defeat, admit they should have set a lower goal

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Outcast Reboot HD was a tantalising prospect—taking the old-school open-world adventure, and dragging it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. To do that, however, the game's creators wanted to raise $600,000. And while they secured an impressive quarter of a million dollars in pledges, with 10 hours to go, they've conceded defeat. Understandably, one of the take away lessons of their campaign is, "we should have set a lower initial goal".

Outcast Reboot HD trailer shows first footage of the remade open-world classic

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We're now two weeks in to the Kickstarter campaign for Outcast Reboot HD. So far, it's had a pretty positive reception, raising a respectable $225,000. Unfortunately, the Fresh3D Inc team need to raise $600,000, meaning there's some way to go before their open-world adventure can be airlifted out of the late-'90s. To help raise awareness, the developers have made a sensible move: releasing footage of the game, showing the HD Reboot part of Outcast Reboot HD.

Outcast Reboot HD is an HD reboot of Outcast, now on Kickstarter

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Graphics don't matter, right? It's all about design, singularity of vision, and the ability to craft a believable world from a consistent aesthetic. On the other hand, ew, look at all those angular models and aliased textures! Gross. While the design concepts and wild ideas can be paradoxically refreshing, it would be nice to have prettier worlds and more responsive controls.

Step forward Outcast Reboot HD, a Kickstarter project to high-def-ify Outcast. For $600,000, the game's original creative directors will lead 1999's excellent open-world action-adventure into the modern age.