Out of the Park Baseball 13

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The acronym OotP isn’t as widely known as GTA, WoW, or FM. But Out of the Park Baseball is to the pastime of home runs, stolen bases and umpire ejections what Football Manager is to the sport of goals, millionaire tantrums and early England exits from tournaments.

Devotees scream that it does text-based sports simulation even better than its big-name, bigger-budget counterpart, and its reach is no longer confined to North America: annual releases are hoovered up by gamers worldwide.

Out of the Park Baseball 13 review

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Out of the Park Baseball 13 is a baseball management simulator in the mould of Football Manager. I know a lot about management; less about baseball. With a greenhorn’s naivety I created a manager in my image and selected the ‘Start Unemployed’ option.

My plan was to score a minor league job, then, with a mixture of inspirational talks (“do more homeruns!”) and sound tactical advice (“stop conceding homeruns!”), ride to the big time on the back of a handful of men smacking balls about.