Operation Flashpoint

Steam Autumn Sale continues: Total War, LA Noire, VVVVVV, Fallout: New Vegas super cheap

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What's this, every Total War title except Shogun and Shogun 2, with all accompanying DLC for just £8.74 / $12.49? What are you doing to us, Steam sale? I was planning to eat, and perhaps sleep this weekend but NO, you have to throw hundreds of hours of world class strategy gaming at me for a price that my buying finger can't not click on.

Wait, there's more? Gravity mangling platformer VVVVVV, for just 99p / $1.24? That's less than I paid for my cup of coffee this morning. The slick shouting-at-people-until-they-crack simulator LA Noire, which has only been out for two minutes, is half price. And Fallout: New Vegas and all its DLC packs are available at prices that make the upcoming Ultimate Edition seem a little redundant.

Arma X: Anniversary Edition review

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Arma is not like other shooters. You’re playing soldiers in a game that begat a military training simulator. You can move your head independently to your body. You can see for kilometres. You have to worry about bullet drop, squad positioning, light conditions and goats.

Arma has been like this for ten years. Its developers, Bohemia, have always resisted the urge to smooth out the experience, instead adding more layers of complexity.

Operation Flashpoint studio to close, Codemasters to focus on racing titles

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News arrives from GamesIndustry.biz that Codemasters is closing down its Guildford studio, which has previously worked on the recent Operation Flashpoint games, and the poorly received console shooter, Bodycount.

Codemaster's official statement says that the publisher will be concentrating on growing the teams based at their Warwickshire and Birmingham studios, responsible for racing titles like DiRT, GRID, F1 Online and F1 2011. The closure of the Guildford studio means we're not likely to see any more shooters from Codemasters in the foreseeable future.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River review

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Operation Flashpoint: Red River tells me that I’m a slick sonofabitch, commanding three other slick sonofabitch marines. It tells me loudly, repeatedly, and gratingly – via the mouth of staff sergeant Shouty McRacist – that I’m a Spartan and a devil dog, and all those other ultramacho things that make me feel terribly uncomfortable because I haven’t seen combat.

Interview: Op Flash: Red River creative director talks realism, co-op, and the state of PC gaming

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Earlier this month we reported on some controversial quotes from an interview with Sion Lenton, creative director on Operation Flashpoint: Red River. He spoke to PC Gamer about the current state of PC gaming, the importance of realism, and the new direction that Codemasters are taking the franchise.

We are now able to post the entire transcript for your reading pleasure.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River creative director doesn't "get much fun out of military simulations"

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Operation Flashpoint: Red River's creative director, Sion Lenton, thinks military simulations are “immersive” and “realistic” but not necessarily “fun.”

Speaking to PC Gamer, Sion directed gamers yearning for an accurately simulated warzone towards Bohemia Interactive's ArmA series, and claimed that PC is “Not the market to be in.”

Ooo-rah indeed.