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DayZ hacked, but users' data remains secure

Phil Savage at

One of the benefits of a post-apocalypse is there's no more digitally vulnerable data. Unfortunately for Bohemia Interactive, they don't live in that after-world, only simulate it. And while DayZ is a game that's hosted more than it's fair share of jerks, normally it's at least in the spirit of anything-goes survival. Not this time, though: Bohemia have confirmed that their servers were attacked by hackers. The good news is that players, and the game's development, are apparently unaffected.

The Division engine trailer shows bleak beauty, police car destruction

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Ubisoft are promising the world with this engine trailer for their upcoming Clancy-'em-up The Division. It's not a particularly nice world that they're promising, but it is still extremely pretty in its realisation of bleak decay. And if that wasn't enough, there are also some lovely lighting effects to enjoy. In the end, is that not a suitable replacement for warmth, hope and love?

Sir, You Are Being Hunted update brings wildlife, poachers and stealthier woodlands

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As a former resident of the British countryside, there's something about Sir, You Are Being Hunted that's fantastically evocative. Maybe it's the browns and dark yellows of the encroaching woodland, the punctuated flapping of startled wildlife, or the cold distant bloops of a fully functioning murderbot. Hmm, now I think about it, Cumbria is a weird place. Better, then, to stay indoors, enjoying rural terror vicariously through this new December update.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted October update adds new biome, two new enemies

Ian Birnbaum at

Sir, You Are Being Hunted continues to squash bugs and add scares as it makes its way through Steam Early Access and toward its final release. The latest update, entitled “Pumpkin,” adds a new industrial biome, new functionality, and two suitably spooky enemy NPCs.

The Long Dark trailer gives an early glimpse of winter survival

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It was last month that The Long Dark went out in to the wilderness of Kickstarter. Since then, it's been successfully scavenging for internet money, but will need to redouble its efforts if it's to live beyond next week. First though, a respite, as it comes back into the warmth to construct its first trailer, giving a very early look at the exploration survival game.

GMod's Garry Newman releases open-world survival game Rust into alpha

Ian Birnbaum at

Garry Newman, the creator of the all-time bestselling Garry’s Mod, is hard at work at a new open-world game that, well, really looks a lot like DayZ with some Minecraft mixed in. Rust is a multiplayer survival game currently in alpha development that forces players to survive in a world plagued by zombies, hunger and cold.
In addition to tracking down food and making clothing to avoid freezing in the night, the most interesting part of Rust is the ability to construct buildings and shelter. Imagine if, in DayZ, the only cities that existed were built, wall-by-wall, by players banding together to keep danger at bay. Oh, and they had to chop down trees with a hatchet to get the wood for all those buildings.

You can permanently lose items purchased with real money in The War Z

Omri Petitte at

The War Z sticks players in an open-world test of survival against nature, carpets of zombies, and fellow survivors, but here's another punch in the gut from realism: you can permanently lose cash shop items purchased with real money through the in-game store. Good heavens, is it griefing o' clock already?