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Grand Theft Auto V PC pre-orders now available

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Rockstar revealed earlier this week that Grand Theft Auto V is on its way to the PC and next-gen consoles this fall. You may now throw your money at it, and Rockstar has a handy site all ready to take that money.

Watch Dogs video: max settings at 1920x1080 on LPC

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Watch Dogs launched with some performance issues on PC that cause serious stuttering and lag on some systems. Ubisoft is still working on a patch to iron out those problems. To see how the game performed for us on ultra settings, we threw Watch Dogs at the LPC and recorded some open world driving, hacking, shooting mayhem with Nvidia Shadowplay.

Ubisoft investigating Watch Dogs uPlay Rewards loading bug

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Ubisoft is struggling to fix another problem with Watch Dogs, this one related to the redemption of uPlay Rewards content that can prevent the game from loading. The short version is that if you download certain Rewards – Eurogamer says the golden D50 gun and the Papvero Stealth Edition car are the culprits – you may find yourself staring at a loading progress bar that gets to around 90 percent and then refuses to budge.

Just Cause developer nearly landed deal to develop an open-world Star Wars game

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Following yesterday's news that studios like DICE and Visceral would be working on new Star Wars games under EA's new exclusive deal with Disney, we've been wondering just what those games might look like. A cinematic shooter of nonstop action set in the parched, gritty landscape of Tatooine, maybe? Or how about the series reinterpreted as a survival horror? Apparently, one very real possibility was an open-world Star Wars game, as revealed today in an exchange by former Just Cause developers from Avalanche.

Will Hideo Kojima's Project Ogre come to the PC?

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Hideo Kojima’s much loved Metal Gear Solid series rarely appears on the PC, but there’s a chance that his new project might get an airing on our beloved black boxes. Dubbed “Project Ogre”, very little is known about the game, other than it’s going to be an open-world adventure. As reported on 1UP, Kojima told CNN that the new game will have, “A very wide entrance, a very open entrance,"

It will also be a step away from the blockbuster approach of the Metal Gear Solid, in favour of Skyrim-style exploration - albeit with a modern day setting, according to the screenshots. "Rather than making something very cinematic, [I plan to] make something very free," Kojima said.

The game is thought to run in Kojima’s Fox engine, which 1UP reported on back in June. It’s said to be multiplatform, and compatible with a PS3 controller, an Xbox controller, and - crucially - a mouse. Of course, the mouse could just be standing in for the Wii U’s weird new controller, but it’s more than likely that the game will arrive on the PC.

1UP also posted an image from Kojima’s Twitter that showed a Fox engine render of one of the game’s programmers, allegedly put together in about an hour. Apparently it's also capable of translucent clothing and realistic dust particles. It seems like an impressive engine, with the screenshots recalling Far Cry 2’s lush tropics. But we’re not sure if Kojima will be able to let go of his more constrained, linear roots in console gaming.

Rage screenshots show enraged mutants and energy shields

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Some lovely new high-res Rage shots have landed, showing us more of the wasteland and some extremely angry mutants. But why can't we talk to the mutants? Because they'll eat our faces. Instead we'll have to simply run them over. All of them. Until the wasteland is empty and we're all alone in the world again. Victory! You'll find the ten new screens below. Click to hyper-bloat them to full size.

Defiance screenshots show first in-game images

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Defiance is an intriguing new MMO from Rift developer, Trion Worlds. It will be an open world shooter set on a post apocalyptic world shared by aliens and humans, and plans to tie in with the Syfy TV show of the same name. RPS have five new screenshots to add to the enigmatic E3 teaser trailer. You can read Josh's impressions from the E3 show floor, and see some of the promising concept art for the game here. You'll find the five new screens below.