Call of Duty creators' claim against Activision grows to $1bn

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Earlier this week, as reported by Bloomberg, EA settled with Activision over accusations that EA attempted to poach Call of Duty creators, West and Zampella before Activision fired the pair for breach of contract and insubordination in 2010. The West/Zampella vs. Activision case is still alive and kicking, however. Now Develop note that their damages claim for unfair dismissal has grown to ONE BILLION dollars.

PopCap for sale? EA rumoured to be making a $1 billion offer

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There are strong rumours flying around suggesting that EA are in the late stages of negotiating a deal to buy up PopCap for a massive ONE BILLION dollars. Edge picked up a report from TechCrunch, who have been approached by two unnamed sources who say that Electronic Arts are about to spend 13% of its stock market value to buy up the casual games developer.