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FTL mods video round-up: fly ships from Star Trek, Star Wars, and Firefly

Chris Thursten at

Spaceship management roguelike FTL is one of this year's standout games, and also one of the first Kickstarted projects to result in a playable product. Its modding scene centers around new ships, tweaked mechanics, and updated graphics. We've picked out three ship replacement mods by hellcatv, with art in the case of Serenity and the Enterprise provided by MattsterT. Each of these mods swaps out one of the default ships with a new model complete with new equipment and a custom load-out.

FTL: Faster Than Light launches on Steam

Marsh Davies at

FTL: Faster Than Light is a real-time rogue-like spaceship-sim. It's brilliant, horribly brutal and never the same twice. It'll also be on sale via Steam in a matter of hours. Whoop!

Mass Effect 3 launch trailer teases grand finale

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Mass Effect 3 is out TOMORROW (in the US, Friday in Europe). Within a few days many Mass Effect fans will finally know how it all ends. It's the climax of a story that's taken Bioware five years to tell and the launch trailer suggests it'll deliver a finale we won't forget in a hurry. Hopefully Hollywood's trailer makers are watching, they could take a few tips from this one.

Also, a quick warning. If you're searching for Mass Effect 3 trailers, we'd recommend you avoid one called "The Invasion." It's thought to be an unofficial fan cut that includes scenes from the ending. If you're avoiding all spoilers, best steer clear.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion beta open to pre-order players

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If you pre-ordered Sins of a Solar Empire's upcoming standalone Rebellion expansion, you'll be able to play the beta right now through Steam. Rebellion gives Sin's starships a visual spit and polish and adds even bigger ones to build. The new Titan class battlecruisers will be able to take on enemy fleets with hardly any backup, letting you terrorise the universe with even bigger lasers.

The beta will let players jump into singleplayer and multiplayer as TEC Loyalists or Rebels. There's lots more information over on the Sins of a Solar Empire forums, including system requirements and a full list of beta features. The developer diary above shows off some of those graphical upgrades, but if you're after more stationary, majestic shots of those new spaceships, check out these five new screenshots.

Eve Online's rookie ships redesigned

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Eve Online's rookie ships are finally getting a makeover. The increasing intricacy of Eve's ship design over the years has slowly left the tiny starting vessels behind, so it's probably about time they received an update. You can examine the concept art for the redesigned rookie ships on the Eve Online dev blog. They look pretty swish, but it's worth noting that the old ones didn't look bad at all, apart from the Reaper, which looks like several satellites trying to mate.

You check out the dev diary above for a look at how CCP went about designing the new craft and read on to see the old and new designs side by side. If you're interested in trying out Eve Online, you can sign up for the 14 day free trial and pilot the new vessels for yourself when they're released.

Eve Online trailer makes our brains happy

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Nestled deep within the brain, slightly above the singulate cortex and just in front of the Parietal lobe, there lies a small section of grey matter that the scientific community refer to as the "OMG spaceships" part of the brain. Shaped like a tiny Millennium Falcon, this region is entirely responsible for the feelings of awe and love that many humans experience when shown images of interstellar craft flying gracefully in front of planets, or in front of other, larger spaceships.

The wizards at CCP are especially good at creating trailers that reach right in through our eyes to tickle our tiny pleasure centres. Wait, what did I just write? Basically, we love spaceships and want to marry them. Eve Online doesn't let us marry spaceships yet, but it does let us BE spaceships, which is why we quite like it. If you're inspired to try it, you can download a 14 day free trial from the Eve Online site.