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The Worst Reason to Pay for a Game Which Doesn't Exist Yet of the Year 2012: Nostalgia

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Remember the past? When everyone swanned around wearing ruffs and eating Werther's Originals? And there was children's telly. Proper children's telly, and videogames. Like arcades, but smaller, in your living room going "bleep" and "bloop." Brilliant, right? Like Gauntlet! I know if you think about it for a minute it seems like a punishing game built around exploitative mechanics designed to suck pocket money out of arcade kids' pockets, but "warrior needs food badly" remember? Brilliant. Elite! Dizzee! Populous! BRILLIANT.

Give me fifty dollars, and I can bring it all back for you.

id co-founder and Wizardry designer launch old-school RPG Kickstarter drive

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Wizardry designer, Brenda Braithwaite, and id and Ion Storm co-founder Tom Hall are teaming up to make an old school RPG and they need a million dollars to make it happen. Cue the start of a new Kickstarter campaign. There's not much information on the setting or style of this old school RPG. In fact, it doesn't even have a name beyond "Old School RPG" at the moment.

There is a whole team raring to get started on this thing, however, and Braithwaite and Hall have buckets of experience between them. Brenda Braithwaite has worked on the Wizardry series and Jagged Alliance. Hall helped build the excellent Anachronox.