Ofcom report highlights the rise of online gaming and laptops

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UK communications industry regulator Ofcom has released its annual Market Report today, which is full of data about how UK citizens use their phones, laptops and PCs. It's a fascinating – if lengthy - document which once a year provides a snapshot of how our relationship with technology is changing.

There's even, if you read far enough, some interesting tidbits about games. Even Steam gets an honorary mention.

New rules on FUPs from Ofcom

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Tired of your broadband connection slowing to a crawl just as that sniper appears on the BF3 horizon? New rules from Ofcom, the UK telecoms regulator, aren't going to end the problem of randomly rising ping times, but at least they'll help you understand why.

In a document published today, Ofcom's approach to net neutrality, the regulator spells out its thoughts on traffic management. ISPs should be clear about their policy, and describe in an easily accessible format that customers can use to compare services transparently.

Media regulator investigating ITV Arma 2 blunder

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Remember the ITV documentary that claimed ARMA 2 footage to be a secret IRA film? The Guardian report that the slip is getting the broadcaster into trouble with the british media regulator, Ofcom, who today announced that they will be launching an investigation into the incident to see if the mis-labelling of the documentary footage constitutes a breach of its broadcasting codes.

The scene showed a helicopter being shot down by a soldier taking cover near an armoured vehicle, and was instantly recognised by Arma fans on the Bohemia Interactive forums. The documentary was the first in ITV's new Exposure series, which hoped to expose links between Muammar Gadaffi and arms supplied to the IRA. ITV ended up issuing an apology instead.

UK broadband worse than we thought

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UK broadband speeds are under a lot of scrutiny at the moment. First there was Ofcom's study of fixed line broadband which we reported on here, and now download delivery outfit Pando Networks has released a similar map of download speeds for the country.

It reveals an even larger disparity between advertised connection speeds and actual broadband performance than the Ofcom survey.