SSD competition heats up as Crucial offer 480 GB for under £300/$380

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They’re not as glamorous as a new graphics card, and not as ultimately vital as a processor, but a good solid state drive can make a big difference to your gaming PC. It’s also an incredibly easy upgrade and making the move from traditional spinning platter hard drives to an SSD will instantly make your machine feel faster.

Solid state drives have been around for a good while now, but they probably still represent the most volatile segment of the PC component market. For processors, motherboards and graphics cards the scene has shrunk down to just a few key players, but there are still a huge number of SSD manufacturers, each vying for dominance. You’ve got massive mega-companies, like Samsung, developing their own SSD hardware and comparatively tiny underdogs, like OCZ, beavering away on their own memory controllers and firmware. But it’s the Crucial M500’s price that has grabbed my attention. Could this be a sign that SSD's are moving toward a more affordable price point?

OCZ introduces the Vector SSD

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We’ve been waiting a long while for the full fruits of the marriage of SSD manufacturers OCZ and memory controller creators Indilinx - but with the new OCZ Vector they’re producing a drive that’s all theirs.

The last Vertex 4 solid state drive came with the Indilinx Barefoot 2 controller on its boards, but, while it could claim ownership of the firmware it was running, the silicon itself was very much Marvell-infused. Still, that SSD remains one of my absolute favourite drives, and is still more than relevant now - especially when you can pick up one of the 256GB flavours for just £155.

OCZ Momentous XT claims to be the "world's first true hybrid drive"

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Hard drive manufacturers OCZ reckon they have the 'world's first true hybrid drive' on their hands, with the solid state/magnetic mix of the RevoDrive.