OCZ Vector 150 240GB SSD review

Dave James at

Despite rumours of an OCZ collapse the wee SSD upstarts are still making new drives. This new OCZ Vector 150 is the cutting edge successor to their last top-end drive. It’s packing new memory technology and some funky Flash management to ensure this drive lasts and OCZ have also got some impressive real-world numbers to back the Vector 150 up. In comparison with the might of Samsung, and their hugely successful SSD range, OCZ is a tiny company. But they got into the solid state game early and made the bold move of buying up their own memory controller creators, Indilinx. This makes them one of the few manufacturers not just using off-the-shelf Marvell or SandForce silicon in their drives, much like the Korean giant.

I was a big fan of the original OCZ Vector drive, which popped up around a year or so ago. It produced impressive 4K random performance and was knocking around the upper limits of the SATA 6Gbps for sequential read / write performance. Importantly they also offered a five year warranty with it too, helping us all forget the reliability worries which plagued the OCZ Vertex 4. This new Vector 150 takes that even further. It still offers the same five year warranty, but OCZ are now claiming much improved endurance for the NAND Flash memory at the heart of the drive. The original Vector was rated at 20GB/day writes for its lifetime, but OCZ have boosted that by 2.5x up to 50GB/day.