How Octodad became popular: from student project to cephalopod about town

Omri Petitte at

Octodad, a physics-based adventure by indie group Young Horses released in 2010, is about an octopus disguising himself as a human male. Let the brilliance of such a concept sink in for a moment. The student project slowly picked up media attention, and now in an official blog post, programmer Kevin Geisler has described the timeline of the adorably clumsy cephalopod's rise to fame.

IGF Student Showcase winners announced

Tom Senior at

The Independent Games Festival Student Showcase winners have been chosen. Previous winners include Narbacular Drop, the creators of which went on to work on Portal. Another winner, Tag, created the paint mechanic that will be in Portal 2. This year the eight games represent the best of an extremely strong field of new and inventive indie entries. You'll find details of the games below, most of which are free to download and play.

November's best free PC games

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You know what? When I got up this morning it was snowing. Snowing. Stupid crystals of liquid falling from the sky, too obnoxious to even bother defrosting themselves. The snow makes everything cold and no one knows how to get on with anything. I am absolutely allowed to hate the snow. So what I'm going to do is stay indoors until it's over, playing all six of the following free games over and over again until I know I can leave my house without someone hurling a ball of solid weather at me. Are you in?