Skywind's The Road Most Traveled trailer shows off the most familiar path in Morrowind

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Just in time for the weekend, we’ve got a lovely new Skywind trailer for you. “The Road Most Traveled” is the latest offering from the incredibly ambitious project attempting to recreate all of Morrowind inside the Skyrim engine. This preview features chunks of the road from Seyda Neen, where new characters enter Morrowind, to nearby Balmora, where the first quest is fulfilled.

Gmod aims to get your mods working with a minimum of fiddling and fuss

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The joys of being a PC gamer! Thanks to the modability of our platform, only we can patch the ugly out of a game, utilize tools to help us keep track of WoW's economy, and randomly slap Iron Man into GTA4, no questions asked. That's pretty badass. We understand that some folks, though, don't always have the time to unzip things, crawl through directories hidden all over their PCs, do forum research, and tussle with conflicting mods. Cue Gmod. This mod-management tool's aim is to greatly ease the mod-enabling process, expediting, say, the restoration of truly fearsome dragons in Skyrim again.

Elder Scrolls Online won't include the series' traditional first-person perspective

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Since Morrowind, the default way to play any Elder Scrolls game has been in first-person, with your weapons and/or sizzling magic hands visible in front of you. In an interview with Digital Spy, Game Director Matt Firor revealed that this will not be the case in The Elder Scrolls Online. While zooming into first-person will be possible, as in most MMOs, your hands and gear won't be visible, and the game isn't designed to be played from that perspective.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in-game trailer revealed

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim trailer is out now, giving us the first in-game footage of Skyrim. So far all we've had to go on were some screenshots and the enigmatic teaser trailer. But now we finally get a good look at what the game's going to be like, and it's pretty damn exciting.

The game's due out on November 11. For more Skyrim information, check out our Skyrim news feed, or pick up our huge preview in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK, out now in stores and online.

Exactly how excited has this trailer got you? Let us know in the comments.

PC Gamer US's Games of the Year Awards

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Each year, our staff plays hundreds of games as we separate the good from the bad and the great from the good. Now, we separate the year’s truly exceptional from the rest, and crown our singular Game of the Year. Drumroll please...

Ten essential Oblivion mods

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Over the last six years an army of modders have been hard at work, trying to make Oblivion into the game they always imagined it should be. There's now a vast array of mods that can take the game in many different directions. Oscuro's and Francesco's overhauls reinvent the game's challenges and leveling. Midas' Magic Spells of Aurum give you godlike power and the ability to nuke your foes. There are thousands, so we've chosen best-made and most polished examples of one of the most prolific and dedicated modding communities out there.

Punch a unicorn! Fighting nature in Oblivion

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A four-year-old game, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion continues to draw thousands thanks to a hallmark of PC gaming--freedom. The game raises you from a rutty hole in the ground, and with a "go-on, git!" and kick, you're in a world were just about anything is possible. Today, I'm an orc. My mission: Kick. Nature's. Ass.