Borderlands 2 shifts 1.5 million copies in US launch month, trumps original by 234%

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If you're worried that Borderlands 2 might not receive a sequel - maybe you were recently hit on the head, or you're perturbed by the revelation that no one's started working on one yet - let these extraordinary sales figures (interpreted by the folks at NeoGaf) put your mind to rest. According to a report from market research company NPD, Gearbox's sequel shifted 1.48 million copies in the US across September, 234% higher than the original game managed in its own launch month back in 2009. On a spreadsheet in 2K's offices, someone just ticked the 'Sequel?' box. They may even have drawn a smiley face.

Digital downloads more popular than boxed sales in US

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American analysts NPD have released a report showing that digital sales for PC games have outstripped retail for the first half of 2010.