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Borderlands 2 shifts 1.5 million copies in US launch month, trumps original by 234%

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If you're worried that Borderlands 2 might not receive a sequel - maybe you were recently hit on the head, or you're perturbed by the revelation that no one's started working on one yet - let these extraordinary sales figures (interpreted by the folks at NeoGaf) put your mind to rest. According to a report from market research company NPD, Gearbox's sequel shifted 1.48 million copies in the US across September, 234% higher than the original game managed in its own launch month back in 2009. On a spreadsheet in 2K's offices, someone just ticked the 'Sequel?' box. They may even have drawn a smiley face.

EA boss: "the fastest growing platform for video games today is the PC"

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EA CEO John Riccitiello has been defending a downturn in EA stock in an interview with CNBC, spotted on CVG. He addresses a "a perception among investors that the game industry is tough to invest in right now" by challenging the validity of NPD reports that only take into account boxed retail sales in the US.

He uses PC gaming as an example of how the games business is changing. "Just five years ago people said that the PC game business was in a radical state of decline because NPD said it was down 10 percent, 20 percent, 30 percent, year-in year-out," he says.

"The fastest growing platform for video games today is the PC, but it's growing through subscriptions, through micro transactions and through downloads."