PC Gamer Podcast #363 - Gabecube

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This week's podcast is all about Steam's three, big announcements. What do SteamOS, Steam Machines, and the Steam Controller mean to PC gaming? How does it all work? How much does it cost? Does Valve want to replace your main rig? Your living room entertainment center? All of the above? How would Nicholas Cage fare in the political landscape of the 15th Century?

Gaslamp Games discusses emergent character traits in Clockwork Empires, head bumps

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The dark whimsy Gaslamp Games is piling into Clockwork Empires is delicious. Their dev blog continues to reveal pleasant surprises like creepy plant people and "BIRDS, terror of the open skies." The latest glimpse into the strange minds of Gaslamp came earlier this week in another update that breaks down how citizens' personality traits drive their Dwarf Fortress-like, emergent actions.

Laser death cat punishes Team Fortress 2 grinders

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People make maps in Team Fortress 2 specifically for grinding achievements. Bleak, joyless rooms of endlessly spawning bots and resupply crates, where people don't play the game, they game it. But in one of these, achievement_all_v4, the author's added a surprise. A violent, horrific, hilarious surprise of biblical proportions. Here's a clip.