Neverwinter Nights

PC Gamer US issue #236: Neverwinter, plus an exclusive in-game item

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The next issue of PC Gamer US features an exclusive hands-on with Neverwinter, modern successor to BioWare's classic RPG. We visited Cryptic Studios to get direct impressions on the ambitious free-to-play return of one of our favorite PC games. Look inside for a full reveal of the issue, and for a look at the four exclusive, collectible subscriber covers.

GameSpy shuts down multiplayer support for Swat 4, Neverwinter Nights and other classics

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Over the past month, the multiplayer matchmaking service GameSpy has been closing down servers across a selection of games. Slashdot user OldTimeRadio reports that games such as Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, SWAT 4, Sniper Elite, Hidden and Dangerous 2, Wings of War and Star Wars: Battlefront will no longer let players search for, and in some cases host, online matches.

How fans translated "close to a million words of dialog" in new Baldur's Gate localizations

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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Creative Director Trent Oster talked to us recently about Overhaul Games' remastering of the classic BioWare RPGs, as well as the notable possibility of a new Baldur's Gate game. Another highlight from the interview was Oster's comments about the volume of writing in Baldur's Gate, an Atari localization meltdown over Neverwinter Nights' 1.2 million words, and how some fan translations made it into Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, beating out professional contractors.

Bioware's Neverwinter Nights forums hacked, passwords and phone numbers compromised

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Another day. Another hack. Bioware's Neverwinter Nights forums have been hit by "a highly sophisticated and unlawful cyber attack." According to Bioware, "user names, encrypted passwords, email addresses, mailing addresses, names, phone numbers, CD keys and birth dates" have been compromised. Sensitive information like credit card details and social security numbers were not affected by the breach.

Baldurs Gate 2 now available on Good Old Games

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RPG classic Baldur's Gate 2 is now available through Good Old Games. it comes bundled in with the Throne of Baal expansion pack and a collection of other goodies, including the soundtrack, manual, maps and artwork from the game, all for $9.99. Not bad for one of the greatest RPGs of all time. The game can be purchased now from GOG. Baldur's Gate 2 is just the latest in a slew of great old Bioware games to make it onto Good Old Games. The original Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, the Icewind Dale series and Planescape Torment are also on the service. That's hundreds and hundreds of hours of old school RPG action preserved in one place.