Nether Territory Wars update gives players some much needed structure

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Urban Survival MMO Nether was in such an early state when I last played it a few months ago that it wasn’t even entirely clear what kind of game it was going to be. It nailed a desperate, post-apocalyptic mood, and had basic shooting and crafting systems in place, but I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. Yesterday’s Territory Wars update hopes to alleviate that, giving Nether players some much needed structure.

Nether update adds subway system, wing glider, more content based on community feedback

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If all goes well, urban survival MMO Nether will get an update on Steam early access this Wednesday, December 18, with several features that will significantly impact gameplay. The new features included are among the first selected by Phosphor Games Studio, based on feedback from players participating in the early access beta.

Urban survival MMO Nether is now in beta on Steam Early Access

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Nether, the urban-focused DayZ-alike we first told you about in August, has just hit Steam Early Access. The hopefully brutal survival MMO is now in Beta, and eager early adopters can get in and start checking out the game.

Multiplayer survival shooter Nether reveals new trailer, new details

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The few times I've been to Chicago, I never found myself having to fend off a teleporting, altered human monstrosity using only a machete. I had to zip my jacket up all the way on Michigan Avenue because the early morning breeze is pretty brutal, but it's hard to compare my hardships to those players will face in Phosphor Games' Windy City-inspired survival sandbox, Nether. Along with hunger, persistent injuries, and supernatural monsters, this new entry into the "DayZ-alike" sub-genre will put you in constant danger of running into any one of 63 other players per server who may or may want to take your stuff. Using guns.

New survival MMO Nether wants you to be afraid, but not alone, in a broken city

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The multiplayer survival genre continues to grow. Add Nether to that category, a new open-world shooter in development by Chicago-based studio Phosphor Games. Revealed exclusively to PC Gamer today, Nether will feature persistent online worlds where players are left to live their own stories, create alliances and secure safe houses to survive. But interestingly, it’s a post-apocalyptic world that won’t include zombies.