Half-Life 2 NeoTokyo mod uploads cyberpunk CTF to your visual receptors

Omri Petitte at

If you query your cortical data node, you'll recall NeoTokyo was chosen along with 20 other titles for Steam Greenlight's second round of approvals back in October. The mod itself has been around for much longer, originally appearing in simple deathmatch form for Unreal Tournament 2004 before transitioning to Source four years ago. That also coincidentally marks the last update for it—until today, when developer Studio Radi-8 released a fresh version out of nowhere (which is apparently becomingathing now) adding eight new maps and higher-quality weapon models.

Valve approves 21 more Steam Greenlight games

Tyler Wilde at

Valve announced today that 21 more games have passed the Greenlight community test and will be published on Steam. Among the chosen few are Miner Wars 2081, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Forge, and literally 18 more. See the full list inside.