Guild Wars 2 celebrates its first anniversary with graphs and charts

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A year ago this week, Guild Wars 2 launched in North America and Europe. To celebrate, ArenaNet has released a huge infographic with a ton of stats for your entertainment. Er, your infotainment, I mean.

Guild Wars 2 returns to the old-school with a new Super Adventure Box

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Super Adventure Box was one of the more ambitious pranks of this year's Make Up Some News Day; mostly because it was real. For the month of April, Guild Wars 2 got an 8-bit console downgrade courtesy of a) Asuran technological experimentation, and b) a game lore flexible enough that its developers can go, "ah screw it, let's just make a platformer".

Now the game's retro device is being fired back up for a new session. Super Adventure Box: Back to School kicks off next week, celebrating children's return to enforced knowledge gathering with a series of pixellated jumping puzzles. No, I don't get the connection. Yes, I'm going to go with it.

Wildstar trailer casts stun, explains crowd control while you're disabled

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Do you know what's fun? When games actively stop you from playing them with infuriating stun abilities. No wait, that's not the fun part. The fun part is quitting out of those games in a despondent funk, then curling up into a ball and crying about MMO design. The latest Wildstar "DevSpeak" video is all about these crowd control effects and, as with many of the game's planned systems, how the developers hope to make a more engaging variation of traditional mechanics.

Wildstar to use monthly subscription model, plus EVE style "play-to-pay" system

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In all the gajillions of Wildstar videos released so far, one thing has remained a mystery: how will players be funding their journey through the colourful MMO? Will it require a monthly subscription, or will it be free-to-play, or pay-to-play, or pay-to-win, or cash-for-gold? Or, will there be some new, hideous and barely descriptive phrase to explain how you'll buy a computer game? Spoiler: I'm looking at the announcement, and it contains the words, "play-to-pay".

Guild Wars 2's birthday introduces XP adjustments, gifts of pet queens

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Gather, peons, for the Queen's Speech. That's how Guild Wars 2 is marking its first anniversary, and it's bound to be more exciting than some drivel about a "royal baby." Instead, GW2 will show us how to do monarchy right, with a bunch of changes sweeping Kryta as the populace is showered with gifts

Guild Wars 2: Queen's Jubilee update brings hot air balloons and bonus dungeon rewards

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The citizens of Tyria are always celebrating. Dragons being jerks? Throw a party. Skyship shows up? Break out the bunting. Computer games are invented? Well, that one's understandable. Guild Wars 2's next update will centre around a more obvious cause for a shindig - if you're a royalist at least. Queen's Jubilee marks the ten year anniversary of Divinity Reach'zzzz... Sorry, I started to fall asleep there, halfway through that lore heavy sentence. Maybe the planned events, rewards and updates will prove more interesting.

Aion's new Aethertech class is a giant robot thing, essentially

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Have giant, metal, vaguely humanoid things always been a part of fantasy, or is that something that MMORPGs have introduced to the genre? It seems a lot of fantasy MMOs eventually branch into steampunk-inspired tech, and Aion's next on the list: NCSoft has just revealed that the next class addition is the "Aethertech"—giant robot things. Some of which are cloud-colored.

WildStar trailer reveals inevitable race of cute rodent people

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If you have a photographic memory of every game trailer ever released, then a) wow, you've seen a lot of people getting stabbed in the neck, and b) you'll remember the two WildStar videos introducing the upcoming MMO's factions: Exiles and Dominion. At the time, both sides skipped over one of their four allied races. Is there something uniquely special about these two unknowns, or are they just skittering rat people and giant, sometimes invisible blue dudes, held back in order to justify a new reveal trailer?

WildStar trailer takes aim at MMO combat

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The latest WildStar DevSpeak diary comes with a particularly surprising revelation: you can be really bad at it. Sure, you can be bad at most MMOs - hitting your skills in the wrong order, or at the wrong time - but the prevalence of auto-targeting means you will at least hit something. In this exploration of aiming, the Carbine team explain "Free Form Targeting" - their evolution of the more traditional system of lazily tabbing between monsters while auto-attack does the business.

Guild Wars 2 may never get an expansion pack; new achievement rewards coming soon

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Despite previous evidence suggesting an expansion pack for Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet's lead content designer Mike Zadorojny has now revealed that their Living Story updates may mean such an add-on is no longer on the table. While expansions were a significant part of the first Guild Wars, the sequel's utilisation of microtransactions could mean they never need to rely on paid content additions.

Guild Wars 2 prepares for Bazaar of the Four Winds, ArenaNet reiterate two week cycle

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Something as trivial as a Sky Pirate invasion isn't going to stop ArenaNet from announcing their next Guild Wars 2 update. While the Sky Pirates of Tyria is still in full swing - only yesterday updating with a nightmarishly confusing steampunk base/jumping puzzle - we've now got details for the upcoming event, Bazaar of the Four Winds.

Guild Wars 2 gets changes to traits and skills tomorrow

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While the eternal war between guilds rages on, the developers at NCsoft have deemed it necessary to update the world of Tyria tomorrow with a new patch focused on build diversity.

Guild Wars 2 is now cheaper by ten bucks

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Because warring should be available for everyone. That's according to ArenaNet, anyway, which has cited player accessibility as one of their primary reasons for the adjustment.

WildStar's second phase of closed beta is no longer region-locked

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And thank your stars for that—dungeon-plundering and interior design should be available to everybody. While the first phase of closed beta was primarily US players, WildStar's now choosing not to discriminate based on geographical location for choosing the second round of beta participants. The lucky ones in will get to play a new faction, aim for a slightly higher level cap of 30, and try out new features like "Mentoring." Take a look inside for the lowdown.

Guild Wars 2 microtransaction sales have been "consistent and strong"

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Good news for fans of having continued adventures on the back of the financial expenditures of others: according to NCSoft's first quarter earnings call, Guild Wars 2 has experienced "consistent and strong" in-game gem sales, even as the sales of boxed game copies start to flag. It's also good news for ArenaNet, who can enjoy the spoils of a self-sustaining system through continued updates and tossed crabs.

Guild Wars 2 living story continues; earnings report suggests ArenaNet "preparing expansion"

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After the frenzied battle against the Molten Alliance that concluded Guild Wars 2's Flame & Frost update chain, it's nice to see ArenaNet letting players kick back and relax with a soothing trip to the beach. Except, what's this? The Secret of Southsun update, due out tomorrow, continues the living story with refugee riots and unnaturally aggressive wildlife. Can't an MMO quester catch a Spring Break?

New WildStar trailer is all about movement

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Am I ever so glad Carbine released this video about WildStar's movement options! I was scared it'd be one of those, y'know, stand-in-the-spot MMOs. Good-natured joshing aside, though, one thing that's really important in gaming is fluidity of movement, and it seems WildStar's absolutely nailed it here.

WildStar enters closed testing, new beta sign-ups still being taken

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Cheery cartoon-styled MMORPG WildStar has just begun its closed beta, according to an email sent out by NCSoft. Of course, if you've not been invited, this is a bit like being told that all the other kids get to go to funfair while you're stuck at home tidying your room. But there's no need to feel left out - and not just because funfairs are nothing but brightly coloured death traps full of pain and despair. WildStar's developers Carbine Studios are still taking beta sign-ups through their registration page.

Guild Wars 2's Super Adventure Box update turns Tyria 8-bit, trashes child's bedroom

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There's a blink-and-you'll miss it moment in the trailer for Guild Wars 2's Super Adventure Box update where Charr leader Rytlock Brimstone rocks an air guitar while riding a wireframe F-22 fighter jet inside a child's TV in the late 1980s. That's all I'm going to say. You should probably watch it.

WildStar trailer shows player housing, rebellious coffee table placement

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They aren't exactly death fortresses, but WildStar's player housing also aren't something you'd spot in a suburban cul-de-sac. Carbine wants your abode to play an important role in your travels across Nexus beyond four walls and a roof stuffed with baubles, and the developer's latest trailer describes what you'll get for staking a claim on the frontier.