Naval Strike

Battlefield 4 patch fixes more bugs, improves stability

Emanuel Maiberg at

Eventually Battlefield 4 is just going to work as advertised. Until then, we'll keep getting patch notes from DICE announcing fixes for issues you'd imagine a major game release would have taken care before the game launched, not three and half months after. The latest patch, which fixes a bunch of bugs, improves stability, and deals with specific issues with AMD's Mantle API, should be live by now, DICE said on the Battlefield Battlelog.

Battlefield 4 DLC Naval Strike to include Carrier Assault, based on 2142's Titan mode

Ian Birnbaum at

EA has revealed that Battlefield 4's third expansion, Naval Strike, will feature mostly water-based combat across four new maps. The expansion also includes new weapons, a new vehicle, and a new game mode called Carrier Assault, based off of Battlefield 2142’s classic Titan mode.