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Dark Souls PC release date announced: new bosses, PVP modes, Games for Windows Live

Owen Hill at

Prepare to Die Edition. That's actually what it's called. Namco Bandai have announced that the PC version of Dark Souls - one of the most acclaimed console games of last year - will be available on August 24.

Aside from standard PC goodness like smooth framerates and extra resolutions, we're getting a PVP mode that'll make it easier to organise one-on-one battles and a new chapter of content. "Artorias of the Abyss" will bring new bosses, including a toothed hand, a disinterested dragon and a lion who's grown wings and horns. Oh, and Games for Windows Live - one of the most deadly fun-killers ever created by man - that'll also feature.

The Witcher 2 devs dismiss Ubi-DRM fears

Jaz McDougall at

CD Projekt have poopooed fan anxieties over publisher's DRM-friendly comments in a recent interview with our sister site CVG.