MechWarrior Online open beta starts Monday, for real this time

Tom Sykes at

Stompy multiplayer robo-tactical shooter MechWarrior Online has been flip-flopping over its pending open beta for a good few weeks now. First it was kicking off on October 16th, then it was delayed, and then it didn't like the look of those teenagers so it decided to keep its giant feet indoors. Thankfully, those teenagers have now wandered off - MWO will begin its open beta (for realsies) on October 29th, or this coming Monday.

MechWarrior Online open beta delayed

Tyler Wilde at

Last week, Piranha Games announced that the MechWarrior Online open beta test would start tomorrow. Then, later last week, Lead Designer Paul Inouye responded to community concerns over instability with the news that the open beta will be pushed back indefinitely.