4A Games releases first survival training video for Metro: Last Light

Chris Barylick at

You too will know the joys of fighting humans and mutants as you vie for control of a doomsday weapon, comrade. 4A Games has released the first survival guide tutorial for its upcoming Metro: Last Light first-person shooter. The video familiarizes would-be Rangers with the inherent dangers you'll face in the Metro itself, the destroyed surface wasteland and the transition tunnels between the two areas.

How to reduce lag in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer

Tyler Wilde at

I haven't experienced any ping-related dysfunction in Black Ops 2 multiplayer yet, but to stay safe, here's a quick tip which may improve your matchmaking connections.

Prototype 2 review

Tom Francis at

In the intro, your wife and child are killed when you unaccountably tell them to stay in New York City after a virus outbreak starts killing everyone. If you set out to hunt down the monster responsible for this tragedy – yourself – it would be a short game. So you hunt down the protagonist from Prototype 1 instead, who has just given you superpowers and awesome claw arms. Even if Prototype 2 didn’t start out by establishing you as a tremendous asshole, it would be difficult not to become one immediately.

Dev Diary: City of Heroes' Mutant Pack

Josh Augustine at routinely features Developer Diaries: tales of what goes on behind-the-scenes in the development studios making your favorite games. This Dev Diary is titled "The Making Of: Super Booster V: Mutation" and was written by David Nakayama, City of Heroes' Art Lead and Floyd Grubb, Sr. Powers Designer.

We're celebrating the launch of the Mutant Pack by giving away 10 copies to our readers! Tell us who your favorite super mutant is and why in the comments and we'll send codes to our favorite ones today. Anyone that doesn't win can purchase the pack here.

UPDATE: Winners announced in the comments below! Thanks to everyone that participated.