PC Gamer US Podcast #296: Happy Gamesgiving

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Happy Gamesgiving, everyone! We celebrate the Turkeyist time of the year with another hearty podcast loaded with the usual news discussion and a heaping side of what we're thankful for this year in games. Josh fills us in on everything TOR-related now that the embargo has been lifted off his weary shoulders. Greg plays an instant classic out of the Vietnamese shooter 7554, and we all can't help ourselves from talking about the Muppets.

PC Gamer US Podcast 296: Happy Gamesgiving

Saturday Crapshoot: Microshaft Winblows 98

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Richard Cobbett has... nothing to add to that. In fact, after seeing the name of this week's bit of obscura, you should know all you need. Stick around though. The Muppets turn up near the end. Honest.

Drinking leper vomit. Being served a beloved pet in a bun. Being dragged naked behind the Orient Express on train tracks sprinkled with salt and broken glass. Drowning in a vat of live maggots.

Oh, hello there, readers. You just joined us, the PC Gamer team, in our weekly game of "Things That Are More Fun Than Microshaft Winblows 98". We've been playing it for the last decade and a half, for an hour a day, and unlike this terrible excuse for a CD-ROM, we never seem to run out of material. So far, only three things have been disqualified for going too far: the movies of Seltzer and Friedberg, because at least Microshaft doesn't risk being sued by Satan for removing his writing credit, a dentist getting the hiccups during root canal surgery, and the other parodies from creator Parroty Interactive: Star Warped, The X-Fools, and one of the few games to specifically spoof another: Pyst. Shudder.