We've got a Steam Curator page; follow us for great game recommendations

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Steam's "Discovery" update did more than just make things a bit blue. It's designed to let you tailor your Store page in a way that means more of the games you'll like, and less of, well, Air Control. Part of that update is Curators: a list of trusted advisers who sift out gaming recommendations from the sluice of new releases. PC Gamer now has a Curator page, and we'd be honoured to be among your trusted advisers.

Triad Wars is an "open world action strategy" game coming exclusively to PC

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As promised, United Front Games has released the first solid details for Triad Wars, the long promised follow-up to Sleeping Dogs. According to the introduction video embedded below, Triad Wars is an "open-world action strategy" game set in Hong Kong. Rather than focus on Sleeping Dogs protagonist Wei Shen, the online game will more closely resemble a traditional MMO, with players responsible for establishing their own turf, finding a niche in the underworld, and hopefully fighting to take other gangs' turf.

Titanfall 'Sand Trap' will dig deadly trenches through IMC Rising pack

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IMC Rising will be the last map pack to release for Titanfall, so there’s a fair bit resting on it. Respawn has detailed the third and final map in the collection and, according to designer Chris Dionne, it’s a marriage of old and new ideas.

Steam has over 100 million active accounts, added 1,300 new games in the past nine months

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Valve casually announced today that there are over 100 million active Steam accounts. That is a lot of active Steam accounts. That's approaching the population of Mexico.

Big changes to Steam: 'Discovery Update' adds curators, recommendations, and hides unpopular new releases

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The Steam homepage finally has a new look! A very slightly different, bluer new look! OK, it looks about the same, but the functional changes in today's 'Discovery Update' are really big.

Ubisoft explains why Watch Dogs is a lot like the first Assassin's Creed

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The original Assassin's Creed was a beautiful world in search of a game to occupy it. (When a large proportion of your mission design involves sitting on benches, you've got a variety problem.) Second time around Ubisoft made good on the premise with the brilliant Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood, and the company expects Watch Dogs to follow a similar pattern.

Corsair K70 RGB keyboard debuts with per-key backlighting for $170

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Corsair has been making gaming gear for years: mice and keyboards, headsets and mousepads. Now they’re uniting their various gaming lines under one Corsair Gaming banner, and to mark the occasion they’re updating one of our favorite gaming keyboards, the Corsair Vengance K70. The new Corsair Gaming K70 RGB is still a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches, but it replaces the old red LEDs with full-color RGB backlighting under every key. We tested out the K70 RGB with Corsair’s new customization software to see how flashy the lighting can get.

Look below for a video of the RGB backlighting in action.

Devs react to Spacebase DF-9 release: "Early Access is not an 'alternative' development approach"

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Earlier today, we brought you Tim Schafer's explanation for Spacebase DF-9's unexpected transition from early access to v1.0 release, and why planned features have been lost in the process. The short version is that the game stopped selling enough Early Access copies to keep supporting development at the scale Double Fine was hoping for, so it had to adjust its plans. In light of this, several other developers with Early Access games have made public statements regarding their projects, and Early Access in general.

How to win eco rounds in CS:GO

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Every Monday in Shooterology, Evan writes about FPSes.

You’re dead, and you’re broke. How are you going to win the next round when the enemy team has body armor and rifles and you don’t?

Tropico 3 is free on Humble Bundle, but only today

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The Humble Bundle store is a great place to get games for cheap, and it doesn't get much cheaper than free. The store is currently holding its End of Summer Encore Sale, which is offering lot of great deals as usual, as well as a free copy of the banana republic management sim Tropico 3.

Oculus Crescent Bay interview: Nate Mitchell on prototype tech and VR presence

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After testing out Oculus VR's new headset prototype Crescent Bay, I put the pieces of my brain back together enough to have a coherent chat with Nate Mitchell, VP of product at Oculus. I last talked to Nate at E3, when he walked me through demos of SUPERHOT and Lucky's Tale. This time, at Oculus Connect, we talked about the new Crescent Bay prototype—what Oculus had to improve from DK2 to achieve "presence," what kind of hardware it takes to run games at 90Hz, and whether gamers who ordered a DK2 should be upset that there's already a new prototype on the way.

EA supports White House anti-sexual harassment initiative

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It's easy to dismiss Electronic Arts as a big, faceless publisher concerned only with the bottom line. When we're talking about DLC and microtransactions, that cynical point of view probably isn't far off. But it's also important to note when a company of this size gets behind a good cause like the White House's It's On Us campaign.

Rudy Giuliani defends Call of Duty against lawsuit from former Panama dictator

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Here's something you probably didn't expect to see today: Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor, defending Call of Duty: Black Ops and publisher Activision in a lawsuit filed by Manuel Noriega, the former military dictator of Panama.

Metal Gear Solid V TGS gallery

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Dogs with eyepatches! Horses being airlifted! Inappropriate combat wear! Strangeness abounds in this new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gallery.

Kickstarter updates its terms of use to address failed projects

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Sometimes, Kickstarter enables the ideal relationship between developers and backers. You back Shovel Knight, the studio gets to work, and when it's released you get a great game that might not have been made otherwise. But when projects crash and burn, as many inevitably do, it can get weird and unpleasant. A recent update to Kickstarter's terms of use aims to clarify where creators, backers, and Kickstarter itself stand during these unfortunate incidents.

Assassin's Creed Unity season pass trailer unveils standalone China-set sidescroller

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Sorry, sorry, I know. I don't even like pre-orders, so the idea of posting a DLC season pass trailer makes me slightly queasy. Here, in case you need reminding, is a selection of additional content being sold before the game it exists for is even released. It is, to state the obvious, not a thing to be recommended.

That doesn't mean the DLC won't eventually be good, though. More importantly, this season pass for Assassin's Creed Unity contains a new, standalone game—a 2.5D sidescroller called Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China.

Farming Simulator 15 release date set for late October

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30th October is going to be a busy day. Not only is it an ideal time for planting your tomatoes, peas, beans and other above-ground crops, it's also the release date for Farming Simulator 15. The virtual farming sim wants to tempt your green fingers with upgraded graphics, physics and and an improved interface.

What to expect from Ground Zeroes, Metal Gear Solid 5's experimental prelude

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Here’s something I never thought I’d get to write about in PC Gamer. Metal Gear Solid 5 is coming to PC. First, prelude/enhanced demo Ground Zeroes will arrive on Steam, followed in 2015, hopefully simultaneously with the console releases, by the full game with the striking subtitle of The Phantom Pain.

Toxikk trailer tries to take arena shooters back to the old-school

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Is a man not entitled to the purity of his frag? Toxikk thinks he is, and has previously set out its "no bullshit" mantra in a short, action packed teaser. Today's trailer is more of the same, only slightly longer and with a fuller exploration of its back-to-the-'90s FPS philosophy.

League of Legends World Championships Week One: the best moments, the biggest plays

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The first week of the League of Legends World Championships 2014 has come to a dramatic conclusion, and has been a good tournament so far for both LoL fans, and anyone who enjoys expert e-sports and upsets. It's not easy to boil down four days of elite LoL play into six bullet points, but this way you get to watch the series' most thrilling moments, back-to-back. Get your videos and analysis right here.