Zombie Monsters Robots announced: free-to-play shooter from former Epic China team

Emanuel Maiberg at

En Masse Entertainment announced that it will release Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR), a free-to-play third-person shooter in which you kill the things listed in its title. It’s developed by Yingpei Games, the Chinese studio formerly known as Epic Games China. The game is actually already out in China under the name Mercenary Ops 2, which has more than 30 million registered players.

New Defiance trailer highlights giant monsters, laser weapons, and offroading ATVs

Josh Augustine at

When a giant monster with a head of aliens that shoots fireballs falls from the sky, you're going to want friends with large alien weaponry. The latest trailer for Defiance, the cross-platform MMOFPS from Trion Worlds that ties in with the SyFy TV show of the same name, shows us how that sort of battle takes place in Defiance. Their answer involves flying ATVs, tons of explosions, and at least one gratuitious boob shot.

City of Heroes Dev Diary: Giant monsters

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PC Gamer routinely features Developer Diaries: tales of what goes on behind-the-scenes in the development studios making your favorite games. In this entry, City of Heroes' Art Lead Gilbert Martinez explains the concepts behind the artistic design of the three giant monsters that players will have to battle in the upcoming "Issue 21: Convergence" update. Let us know what you’d like to see developers discuss in future diaries in the comments.