The monitor screen hack that gives you perfect polarised privacy

Dave James at

Here's a trick that'll stop opponents stealing sneaky glances at your screen during LAN matches. Instructables have a funky little monitor hack that'll make it show an apparently blank white screen, unless you're wearing polarised glasses, in which case the real image is suddenly revealed. If you want maximum privacy for your desktop screen, you will need a spare LCD monitor, one that you don’t mind never having working normally again, and some sharp tools for some rather invasive screen surgery.

Hard Stuff: LG Flatron D2342P Passive 3D Monitor review

Seamus Bellamy at

Good news! LG’s Flatron D2342P monitor allows for 3D gaming on the cheap! That said, the 3D experience it offers is, well, kind of cheap.

The D2342P looks great on paper: it’s got a tasty 23-inch serving of 1080p-capable 3D gaming and movie glory. And with sleek lines, a glossy piano-black bezel, and matching stand, it looks even better when it’s assembled and sitting on your desk. Sadly, looks aren’t everything, and once you get past this beauty’s aesthetics, there’s not a lot left to love.

Toshiba launches USB powered monitor

Adam Oxford at

Remember when USB was for gamepads and mice? It seems that the future for the data transfer port includes fuelling low energy monitors.

Toshiba is the latest manufacturer to announce an LED screen which can be powered entirely from a standard USB 2.0 port. The cunningly named Toshiba USB LCD Mobile Monitor is exactly that, and while it's not what we'd normally look for in a gaming screen, there's a few things that make it look worth trying out.