Tim Schafer explains Spacebase DF-9's unexpected v1.0 release

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Last week, Double Fine announced that Spacebase DF-9 was approaching its final v1.0 release—with no new content planned after that milestone. This seemed unexpectedly early. Many of the game's planned features hadn't been—and now won't be—implemented. So why are Double Fine ending development? In a statement on Spacebase's Steam forum, studio head Tim Schafer explains what happened.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC may feature new first-person mode, according to rumour

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We've seen it modded into Grand Theft Auto IV, but the prospect of an authentic, Rockstar-created first-person mode in GTA has always seemed a bit fanciful. Well, don't get your hopes up, but according to an apparently cached version of a removed blogpost on the Rockstar website, the mode could be introduced in the PC edition of Grand Theft Auto V.

Should I defragment my hard drive? — Ask PC Gamer

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Ask PC Gamer is our new weekly advice column. Have a burning question about the smoke coming out of your PC? Send your problems to letters@pcgamer.com.

It just occurred to me that I haven't defragged my hard drive in...maybe ever. I used to do this all the time with my older PCs. Does it not matter anymore? — Ron K.

Sleeping Dogs follow-up Triad Wars is a PC only online game

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If you were a fan of 2012 sleeper hit Sleeping Dogs and are averse to change, then the following news may worry you. According to an announcement by Sleeping Dogs studio United Front Games, forthcoming follow-up Triad Wars is an online only installment coming exclusively to PC. Sleeping Dogs was a single player game which released for consoles as well as PCs, so it's probably safe to assume that Triad Wars will be an entirely different beast.

Battleborn gameplay video shows colourful cooperative campaign and lots of shooting

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Battleborn might have appeared unclassifiable when it was unveiled back in July, but with the arrival of this lengthy gameplay video it's pretty clearly a shooter. It's not a conventional shooter though, as MOBAs, RPGs and RTSs are all said to be influences. Creative director Randy Varnell and writer Aaron Linde offer commentary for the cooperative playthrough below, which showcases four distinct classes and, most strikingly, the game's hybrid art style.

Oculus Rift Crescent Bay prototype hands-on: experiencing true VR presence for the first time

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Wow. I thought I had experienced virtual reality before I put on Oculus VR’s new prototype Crescent Bay headset. I put on the original Rift when it was still a duct-taped prototype. I’ve played game demos on the higher resolution Crystal Cove prototype, which added positional tracking, and the polished version that is now shipping as DK2. Every one was amazing: an experience with a technology that was clearly on the cusp of changing gaming as we know it. Putting on Oculus VR’s Crescent Bay is a different experience altogether. Those previous headsets were just shadows of virtual reality, simulacra that asked you to fool your brain into believing in the magic. In some of the Crystal Cove demos, I found myself having to remind my brain that this wasn’t real, because all my senses were telling me otherwise.

In their keynotes at Oculus Connect, the brains behind Oculus kept talking about “presence”—what it takes to create total immersion in virtual reality. It sounded like a buzzword to me, until I strapped Crescent Bay onto my face, placed its integrated earpieces over my ears, and stood on the ledge of a skyscraper looking out over a virtual steampunk cityscape. I looked down, tried to step off the ledge, and my body recoiled. I was there.

Hyper Light Drifter backers getting three-day "preview build" next weekend

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Hyper Light Drifter is a game about capes and lovely pixel art, and it looks a little something like this. Pink, purple, blue, green—I remember all of those! Gears of War's brown buildings and caves and everything are but a distant memory now. So yes, Hyper Light Drifter has me pretty intrigued, and if I had backed the game on Kickstarter, I'd probably be muttering "hooray" now under my breath. Developers Heart Machine have announced that a "preview build" (basically, a beta with stuff locked off) is going live next weekend, for three of our Earth days only. To get in, you'll need to have stumped up $25 during the Kickstarter or pre-ordered via the game's site, but even if you didn't, I'm sure there will be plenty of footage floating around next weekend. So everybody wins.

Ultra Street Fighter IV's free Omega mode focuses on fun over balance

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The PC version of Ultra Street Fighter IV should really be the one to get, but persistent connection issues related to the switchover from Games for Windows Live to Steamworks have put a rather large spanner in the works. Thankfully, the game appears to be on the mend. Capcom have announced a new patch aiming to fix these issues, but that will also add a brand new mode to the game. Omega mode focuses on fun over finely tuned balance, returning moves that might previously have been nixed in the name of balance, and giving the game's 44 characters "new normal and special attacks".

Mod of the Week: Doom Reborn, for Doom 3

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There are a number of ongoing efforts to mod older games into newer engines. Black Mesa, for instance, rebuilt much of the original Half-Life in the Source Engine, and the modders behind Skywind are painstakingly crafting Morrowind in Skyrim's Creation Engine. With Doom Reborn, modders have been working diligently to recreate Doom and Doom II in Doom 3's idTech4 engine. They recently released a pre-beta version, so I thought it was a good time to see how the first FPS I ever played looked with a facelift.

Oculus Rift 'Crescent Bay' prototype unveiled, a "massive leap" over DK2

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This isn't the consumer version of the Oculus Rift VR headset, but according to Oculus, it's another big step closer. This morning at Oculus Connect, company CEO Brendan Iribe revealed the Crescent Bay prototype, which he says is "a massive leap" over the currently available Oculus Rift DK2.

Watch Oculus Connect livestreams here all Saturday

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Oculus Connect is Oculus VR's first developer event, and it has some major headliners: techno-wizards John Carmack and Michael Abrash are both delivering keynotes on the science and technology of virtual reality. All of Oculus Connect's talks will be livestreams on Twitch, and we've got a handy embed below if you want to watch along. We're also at the event to cover the news, talk to developers and go hands-on with the latest Oculus Rift demos.

The Best Free Games of the Week

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Chambers. Adventure. Perfectly timed jumping. A demon-run video shop. A bunny girl fighting robots. These are some of the things that lie in store in this week's FREEGAMESAPALOOZA, which as ever is brought to you by our good friends at Soylent Green. Soylent Green—Live Life Your Way. Soylent Green—Turns Out It's Made Out Of People. Enjoy!

Metal Gear Solid V features a wolf wearing an eyepatch

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It's been a great Tokyo Game Show, even if some of the games featured—like Final Fantasy XV and Bloodborne—are a little out of our purview, so I haven't had a chance to make fun of the Final Fantasy guys' extraordinary hair. Sadface. But happyface: Metal Gear Solid V got a big blowout of footage, revealing a junglier setting and showing how bikini-clad (hmm) sniper Quiet can assist Snake during the game. I didn't think I could be any more excited for MGSV, but now a new trailer has released showing an adorable wickle wolf cub named DD. Like Snake, he wears an eyepatch. See a wolf wearing an eyepatch after the break.

StarCraft 2 tournament Red Bull Battlegrounds gets its grand final today

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StarCraft 2 tourney Red Bull Battlegrounds has been ongoing for five months now, thankfully spread out across six separate events rather than being some kind of exhausting endurance event. The grand final takes place today in Washington DC, but you don't need to hop on a plane, a boat, or give your homemade teleporter a try in order to watch it—it's also being streamed on the internet, because 2014. The eSportsy shindig kicks off at 11AM EST, both today and tomorrow, which equates to 4PM in UK time. We've embedded a link to the stream below.

Saturday Crapshoot: Fountain Of Dreams

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Every week, Richard Cobbett rolls the dice to bring you an obscure slice of gaming history, from lost gems to weapons grade atrocities. This week, another chance to enter a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but one that soon turned into a mere Bidet Of Nightmares. Drink of it at your own risk.

So, this week saw the long-awaited release of Wasteland 2, where 'long awaited' is measured more in decades than the couple of years that it's been in development. Luckily, it's good. It's very good. Depending on who you ask though, there already was a sequel to Wasteland, only a year or so after the first one came out. Now, to be clear, the list of people who will tell you that is very small indeed. Not the original Wasteland team, which didn't work on it, not Wasteland fans, who generally try to forget it, and not even publisher EA, which originally did tried to hold it up as a proper sequel, but was apparently convinced of its folly after three ghosts showed up to slap some goddamn sense into it.

Despite that though, the lineage is obvious, and you'd think the thirst for a new Wasteland game would make anything even inspired by it worth a little hardcore fan fondness. How bad could it be that it was politely carved out of history almost as soon as it landed? Well, let's find out!

Though I think we can assume the answer is "Very, very bad."

Ryse: Son of Rome PC gameplay video — max settings at 2560x1440 on LPC

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Come one, come all to see an Xbox One launch game running at 1440p! We recently got a preview build of Ryse: Son of Rome's PC port, so Tyler went through the introductory level with the graphics settings maxed (minus supersampling, but come on). It's pretty, isn't it?

Hack 'n' Slash review

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Hack 'n' Slash is a game by programmers about programming, and if you're not interested or experienced with the subject it will eventually leave you behind. It looks and controls like Zelda, but unfolds more like a point-and-click adventure game, asking you to use a variety of items to solve puzzles. The twist is that you're able to hack various objects in the game and manipulate them in order to find a solution.

The week's highs and lows in PC gaming

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Each week PC Gamer’s writers take gaseous form and co-mingle until they achieve the perfect ratio of opinion-to-outrage. Here are the results…

Battlefield 4 Fall Patch is "right around the corner"

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Fall is coming, and so too is the Battlefield 4 Fall Patch. It's a big one, with changes to game modes, sight improvements, changes to player movement and a "massive" final fix list, and it's expected to be here by the end of the month.

Hearthstone Ranked Play graph illustrates the difficulty of becoming a Legend

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Do you ever get the feeling that your quest to become a Hearthstone Legend just isn't going as well as it should? You probably shouldn't lose too much sleep over it: As Blizzard's recently-released breakdown of the Hearthstone Ranked Play ladder shows, the vast majority of players sit in the bottom ten ranks, and less than one percent have achieved the coveted rank of Legend.