Clang production halted as team runs out of Kickstarter money

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Crowdfunding has become an effective solution for the smaller developers who don't have the time or resources to pitch themselves to publishers. We love to hear about the success stories, but unfortunately, plans can sometimes go awry. Subutai's dueling simulator, Clang, has fallen into the latter category.

Face Off: Should you buy games at launch?

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The hurricane of savings that's swirled over PC gaming in the past few years has been tremendous. Deep discounts seem to pop up weekly on digital stores like Amazon,, and Steam. But should the ubiquity of sales fundamentally change our buying habits?

In this Face Off debate, Logan argues that waiting for a sales gets you get a more refined product at a cheaper price. But Evan thinks that waiting too long denies you the best-possible experience, especially in multiplayer games.