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Super Monday Night Combat review

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The original Monday Night Combat existed in limbo between the third-person shooter and MOBA genres, with the lane-pushing of Defense of the Ancients saddled onto shootouts between a scant six classes. Super takes everything that was good about the first game (constant activity, dynamic quips from a clichéd play-by-play commentator, and irreverent character design) but puts more of its chips into MOBA design.

Monday Night Combat trailer rides a giant chicken

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Uncle Tully's Funland map will soon be playable in Crossfire mode in Monday Night Combat, along with a number of new features, not least the addition of a giant chicken. You can shoot the bird until it flies away to earn your team a useful health boost. When it lands, you can jump on and ride the armoured cock for bonus money. The update also adds new bot spawners and more. For the full details, check out the Monday Night Combat site.

The 100 game giveaway! (US only)

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Observe, if you will, our Facebook page. As of this writing, we count 92,271 intrepid souls among our fans--a number that grows, inexorably, with every passing day. Our forces grow stronger even as I write this, and when we top 100,000 fans, our army shall be unstoppable.

In order to hasten the advancement of our forces and to reward the courageous and forward-thinking fans who have made us the number one source of news in the whole world devoted exclusively to the great wonder that is PC gaming, I, Logan Decker, decree that we shall give away 100 games this week. That’s 20 per day, in a different genre each day, every day of the week through Friday.

Monday Night Combat is free this weekend

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Monday Night Combat will be free this weekend on Steam. This colourful multiplayer arena combat game crosses third-person battling with tower defence games. Each team's base deploys two streams of warriors that meet in the middle of the map. You can build turrets, upgrade your troops and jump in yourself to turn the tide of battle. The trailer below explains everything.

Bacon, robots and violence on PC -- our Monday Night Combat review

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A robot has dropped a churro. The tasty Spanish treat tops off my Tank class character’s life bar, and I push deeper into the blue team’s territory, rending more automatons with my railgun as I go. En route, I pass a teammate dumping minigun shells into Monday Night Combat’s adorable mascot, Bullseye—a guy in a plush, smiling suit that dances through the arena and bleeds coins instead of blood.

Monday Night Combat is out, has TF2 bonuses

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Monday Night Combat is now available on Steam, and to make it's launch a little more interesting, some cross-overs are happening between it and Team Fortress 2. Read on for details on the bonuses.

Interview - Monday Night Combat devs talk Steam, bacon

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I'm not going to be shy about it--I'm damn glad that I'll be able to play Monday Night Combat on PC. We need more downloadable-sized shooters on PC; I'm still miffed that EA let Battlefield 1943 drift into PC-port limbo-land.

Anyway. MNC sizzles onto Steam January 17; we thought we'd take a moment to get to know Uber Entertainment, the bacon-loving men behind the game. We spoke with Chandana Ekanayake, executive producer and art director about the special guest coming to the PC version, the dev's background, and how Uber's experience working with Valve has differed from its cooperation with Microsoft.

Monday Night Combat is coming to PC

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Monday evening is the appropriate time to make an announcement about a game called Monday Night Combat. Well done, Uber Entertainment. The Washington-based independent studio's take on class-based multiplayer shooting was previously an Xbox exclusive, which this surprise announcement happily breaks. January 17 is the release date, $15 is the price, and the Steam page tells us that MNC will support dedicated servers and that "editor support" is planned for January. Update: pre-orderers get access to a beta this week. Video within.