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0x10c footage shows stairs in space, lasers, physics

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0x10c sounds like it could one day become the dream game for anyone who fell in love with Joss Whedon's Firefly. Notch pitched the idea as Elite "except done right." It'll eventually cast you as the pilot of your own spacecraft with its own programmable on-board computer system. Eventually you'll be able to land on planets, trade, fight and become a bona fide space rogue.

You can't be a space rogue without stairs, though. Or light. Or lasers. Notch is on the case. That Videogame Blog have discovered a video of 0x10c that shows working physics, lighting and slopes. The texture work is reminiscent of Minecraft, but 0x10c is already showing signs that it'll be a very different animal. It's early days, mind. Video ahoy:

Epic's Cliff Bleszinski on open-world Unreal, Jazz Jackrabbit reboot likelihood and DayZ

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Epic Games frontman Cliff Bleszinski conducted a crowdsourced interview with Reddit over the weekend in the popular "Ask Me Anything" subreddit. A number of noteworthy responses cropped up regarding Bleszinski's thoughts on revisiting older IPs, modding's explosive popularity, and (though very definitely not announcing this) an open-world reboot of Unreal, among other answers. Check out a few choice quotes inside.

Minecraft patch 1.1 adds better bows, apples, monster eggs and sheepier sheep

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The Minecraft 1.1 patch has arrived! The video from Hat films above covers the new features nicely quite nicely, and they've been listed over on theMojang blog as well. 1.1 additions include better bows, a mysterious "Golden Apple recipe," different coloured eggs that can be used to spawn mobs and multiple language translations.

Sheep are sheepier than ever, too, with the addition of a new behaviour that lets them gobble grass to grow more wool for you to punch. You'll find the list of enhancements from the Mojang blog posted below.

Notch: "No sane person can be for SOPA"

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A growing chorus of developers, publishers and even congressmen are voicing their opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act currently working its way through US Congress. Notch, creator of Minecraft, is one of those people.

Under existing legislation, the creators of copyright-infringing material can be sued by the copyright owners. SOPA would extend this liability to any site that carries the copyright-infringing material as well. If someone posts a film on Youtube, the film company that owns the film could sue Youtube for carrying it. If someone then links to the film on a forum, that would expose the forum provider to court injunctions from the copyright holders as well.

ISPs and search engine companies can gain immunity from prosecution by blocking sites accused of carrying pirated material, and as it's unlikely that Google or Youtube would go to court to defend content creators they're barely associated with, this would likely result in huge amounts of material being taken down based on the mere accusation of an infringement. This would have devastating implications for Minecraft's thriving fan community, the e-sports streaming community, and any forum that posts screenshots or videos. Beyond gaming, it's a scary bill for sites like YouTube and Reddit, too. You can read the bill in full here Read on for Notch's take on the act.

Minecraft village made real with 3D printer

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If you're really fond of something you've built in Minecraft and want to find a way to preserve it forever, here's one way to do it. Minecraft fan and Flickr user, post-apocalyptic research institute, has uploaded a series of photos showing a model of their Minecraft village created using a 3D printer. According to the description on the Flickr account, the 3D model of the village was exported into a CAD program for colouring before being printed using a Zprinter 650 machine. It's a pretty expensive process, but the results are quite lovely. Take a look.

Mojang to release Cobalt on Friday, if all goes to plan

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Mojang have told Edge that they're hoping to publish their first third party game, Cobalt this Friday, if all goes to plan.

"We haven't told anyone [about the release date] yet because we're aiming for Friday, but we don't know if we can make it," Mojang managing director Carl Manneh said to Edge. "But I think we can."

Cobalt is a quirky robot platformer from Oxeye Game Studio. Mojang and Oxeye are working together to give it some extra polish before Friday. Like Minecraft, it will be released as an alpha and then regularly updated until it's done.

Notch steps down as Minecraft lead designer, plans to start new projects

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Notch has mentioned on his blog that he'll be handing over the Minecraft design reigns to Jens Bergensten, the Mojang developer who has been working alongside Notch on Minecraft for the last year. "He will have the final say in all design decisions, so he will kinda sorta become my boss," says Notch. "I’ve promised him to not pull rank. ;)"

Minecon Yogscast fall out down to "stress related misunderstanding" says Notch

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Minecon was supposed to celebrate the launch of the finished version of Minecraft, but that's been overshadowed by disagreements between Minecraft's creator, Notch and the Yogscast team.

A couple of days ago Notch tweeted his disappointment at the alleged behaviour of the video podcasters, whose Minecraft-centric videos attract millions of international viewers every day. "Celebrity or not, you don't f-bomb kids," he said, adding that “Yogscast repeatedly insulted people, talked behind their backs, refused to cooperate, and acted like total spoiled divas nonstop.”

The Yogscast team have now denied this in a response on Reddit, saying "the quotes and actions that Notch attributed to us were not said by us or published anywhere by us."

Minecon keynote and closing ceremony features Minecraft 1.0 and a marriage proposal

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Notch pulled a giant ACTIVATE MINECRAFT lever on stage at Minecon this weekend, finally releasing Minecraft 1.0 into the wild. See that moment in Gamespot's video of the Minecon keynote event. It also features Hat Films' video retrospective, which takes a charming jaunt through Minecraft's journey from a game about placing blocks into the phenomenon it is today full of netherworlds, villages, dragons and amazing multiplayer mega-builds.

The closing ceremony was also filmed by IGN, featuring a great big cheque for the Make a Wish foundation, and a man proposes on-stage 15 minutes in with the words "will you be my pork chop?" Does she say yes? Find out in the video below.

Minecraft pre-release build includes Ender boss fight, download it now

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Mojang have just released a new Minecraft 0.9 pre-release build, which is incredibly close to the final Minecraft 1.0 release, and even includes the boss fight. "Please help us test the ender fight in multiplayer as much as possible. :)" tweets Notch. Mojang dev Jens Bergensten tweeted a link to the latest pre-release build, which you can grab here.

Minecon will celebrate the release of Minecraft 1.0 next week. Mojang are almost ready. "Left to do: The new sounds, fixing bugs from this prerelease, some minor polishing. And we'll do that on Sunday," says Notch. "We're getting closer..." says Jens.

Minecraft trailer teases Minecon with huge reconstruction of the Mandarlay building

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Minecon kicks off next Friday in Las Vegas and Hat films have released the official Minecon trailer. A few weeks ago they launched a competition seeking character skins from their YouTube followers, which is where they got the spectacular outfits worn by the party guests. The Yogscast guys get a cameo, too, and it takes place in a fantastic boxy recreation of the Mandarlay Bay building, which you can download here and explore for yourself.

The Las Vegas event also marks the launch of Minecraft version 1.0, which is exciting. And it means we get to review Minecraft! The Hat films chaps made a making of video that goes behind the scenes on the massive Mandarlay build. You can watch that below.

Minecraft sells four million copies, "4milyay" says Notch

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When the little sales ticker on the Minecraft homepage ticked over from 0 to 1, it no doubt dreamed of one day becoming seven numbers wide and bigger than all its friends. Minecraft passed the one million mark long ago, and has now climbed all the way up to the giddy heights of four million. More than sixteen million have registered to play the free version, and no doubt many more are waiting for Minecraft's imminent release on November 18.

Minecraft creator, Notch mocked Twitter's 140 character limit by recognising and celebrating the milestone in the space of just seven characters. "4milyay," he Twittered. If you're one of the four million Minecraft owners, you might be interested in our updated selection of the 25 best Minecraft mods.

Are you one of the seven odd billion remaining humans who hasn't bought Minecraft? Are you tempted to get hold of it?

Mojang wins interim injunction for Scrolls trademark

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The first bout of legal sparring is over in the Mojang vs. Bethesda battle for the Scrolls trademark. Notch tweeted to say that Mojang have won an interim injunction, which will allow them to continue to use the Scrolls name as the trial progresses. It's good news for Notch and co. as legal battles can drag on for months.

"We won the interim injunction! We can keep using the name "Scrolls". ZeniMax/Bethesda can still appeal the ruling, but I'm very happy. :D," says Notch.

Minecraft footage shows dragon, mysterious spires, starless skies

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A Minecraft fan has brightened up a dark and mysterious video released by Notch earlier. It's only nine seconds long, but there's a dragon in it! And weird, dark spires of obsidian. And lots of Endermen. In fact, this might well be the first footage of the rumoured Ender Realm. It's too early to tell if we're seeing the addition of a new dimension to Minecraft, but while we wait for the next Adventure Update pre-release build to land, there's always the new shots of the Minecraft dragon, released by Notch on Twitter. See them below.

Minecraft 1.9 pre-release version 3 released, adds babies

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Minecraft developer Jeb has posted a link to the version 3 pre-release build of the Minecraft 1.9 Adventure Update on Twitter. You can grab the 2MB file here. We haven't had chance to test it out yet, but Jeb mentions that the new version adds a "simplified potion system" as well as "some new items and enchantment table (wip)." Oh, and babies.

Notch posted a picture of Minecraft's animal babies on Twitter recently saying that they "don't drop loot or xp, have a faster animation, and higher pitched sounds. Also, they eventually grow up." See a pair of the critters in the screenshot above. Have you had a chance to try the new update yet? Let us know your thoughts.

Mojang vs. Bethesda: Scrolls battle heading to court

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Mojang's fight to retain the name for their upcoming fantasy card trading game will go to court. It's the result of a legal challenge made by Bethesda earlier this year claiming that the word "Scrolls" infringes on their The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim trademark. Notch cheerily announced the news earlier on Twitter.

"The Scrolls case is going to court! Weee! :D"

Notch's first assumption that "this is hopefully just lawyers being lawyers" doesn't seem entirely true in the light of a looming court case. It seems that Bethesda are very serious about getting Mojang to change the name of their new game. It could set a worrying precedent, and certainly screw over the scribe-sim I'm currently working on, The Elder Elders: Scroll of Scrolls (V). If only this lawsuit could somehow all be settled with a game of Quake 3.

Minecraft hardcore mode teased. When you die, the world dies with you

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Notch has tweeted a small but significant screenshot from his build of Minecraft, indicating simply Hardcore more is ON. It adds one simple rule. "World is deleted on death."

This rule was the driving force behind Tom's Minecraft Experiment. With every death, he deleted that randomly generated world and got Minecraft to build a new one. Numerous updates have been made since the diary was written. Varied biomes, major geographical features like rivers and ravines and NPC villages will make it more painful to destroy Minecraft's increasingly distinct worlds. Hardcore mode won't let your petty human emotions get in the way. When you die, the world dies with you.

Minecraft trailer introduces the Adventure Update, beef, XP orbs and blue spiders revealed

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A new Minecraft trailer has landed showing off the Adventure update, spotted by Jaz. XP rewards, creative mode, creepy Endermen and more. The Hatventures team have been behind the scenes of the update, and recount some of their experiences in the making-of video below. They also reveal a few new additions, including abandoned mine shafts and a new mob, the sinister blue spiders.

Minecraft Adventure Update footage shows NPC villages and Endermen

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The Minecraft Adventure Update was playable at PAX over the weekend. IGN got Notch to give them a run through of the new features, and filmed it all for good measure. The randomly generated NPC village looks gorgeous. It has its own gardens, stone towers and houses. Also shown: the sinister Endermen. Notch cycles through day and night like A GOD to generate the perfect conditions for spotting the new mob. When he finally confronts them, they stare down their creator with murderous dispassion. Hnnngh.

Notch also talks a bit about creative mode designed for players who like to start epic builds. In this mode, you can fly freely, destroy any block with a single hit and place any block in the game at will. Also shown: rivers! Ravines! New combat! A new eating animation! Notch says that the Adventure Update is so big that it will be released in two parts. The first will be out in just a few weeks.

Why Minecraft isn't on Steam

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EA isn't the only publisher clashing with Valve's current policies. At this year's PAX, Minecraft creator Notch was asked why Minecraft wasn't available, and while he took plenty of time to praise the platform, has explained that it's just not a fit for what he wants for the community going forwards.