Wasteland Kings is expanding, will be crowned after Gamescom

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Vlambeer's Wasteland Kings was originally created as part of the last Mojam gamejam. Now the Super Crate Box developers plan to level-up the action roguelike, expanding it into a full game. After months of work, the game is due to pillage Steam soon after Gamescom, with its Early Access development to be livestreamed through their website.

Mojam comes to an end - get nine new games from Mojang and friends

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Mojang's Mojam, the charity game making competition, has come to an end. Teams had three days to make a game themed around a choice of words from a list including Nuclear, French, Endless, War, Kittens, Spaceship and Pizza. As a result, a game called Nuclear Pizza War now exists. Still, at least we've avoided Endless Kitten Pizza. That would just be bleak.

Mojang's Mojam is go, see the three day livestream right here

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Mojang are about to kick off Mojam, their charity gamejam session. It's due to start at 5pm GMT, so maybe they already have. Look inside! Do you see Swedish indie folk rushing to create a game in only three days? Or possibly engaging in "bacon slapping distraction"? If so, then it's on. Don't worry, we don't expect you to watch all of it.

Mojam Humble Bundle: pay what you want for "Egyptian steampunk RTS racing game."

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Look up there! Mojang are making games! For the duration of the weekend they'll be throwing together new ideas and making a game from thin air, like wizards. You'll be able to pay what you want for the end result in the new Mojam Humble Bundle.

Nobody quite knows how the game will come together over the course of the next 60 hours, but the team have run a poll on the Mojang site to try and decide their direction. They're planning to use the most popular and least popular choices from each list, which means they're currently set to make an "ancient Egyptian steampunk real-time strategy racing game." You'll be able to watch their progress live on the video stream above.