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Black Ops 2 grosses $1 billion in just 15 days

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As is now the tradition, Activision announced today that the latest game in the Call of Duty franchise made... kind of a lot of money. Black Ops 2 netted (places pinky at corner of mouth) one billion dollars in 15 days, hitting the mark a day faster than its predecessor, Modern Warfare 3.

COD: Modern Warfare 3 Final Assault DLC hits Steam

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Modern Warfare 3's final DLC pack, the appropriately named Final Assault, has successfully infiltrated Steam, around a month after being released for the Xbox 360. The game's fourth expansion contains five maps: Decommission, Off Shore, Gulch, Boardwalk and Parish. The first is rather excitingly described as a "graveyard of rotting ocean liners", the second is another oil rig, and the third is a Wild West ghost town. Boardwalk and Parish, meanwhile, consist of a seaside arcade, and a bombed-out New Orleans parish. Something for everyone, then. To prepare for the belated release, Infinity Ward have released an update for the game, the details of which lie below.

Infinity Ward to play 24 hour charity gaming marathon for Children's Miracle Hospital

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On October 20th, the Infinity Ward team will be sitting down at their computers for 24 non-interrupted hours of gaming - not for fun, but as part of the Extra Life project to raise money for the Children's Miracle Hospital and kids suffering from cancer, cystic fibrosis, injuries from accidents and not being able to pay for the treatment of such things. Teams can choose their own games and platforms, with hospitals that can benefit from all this gaming scattered around the world.

Click here to send them your donation or read on for a few more details.

Call Of Duty reaches bottom of comedy barrel, bravely keeps digging to planet's molten core

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...I'm not really sure what to say to that, honestly. Let me get my thesaurus.

Weekend Game Deals - Stock up on guns and spells, and play Modern Warfare 3 for free

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PC Gamer US February issue: The Old Republic launch guide and 2012's biggest games!

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You've read the review, now build the best character, find the dev team's favorite items, survive your first PvP encounter, and get the most out of Star Wars: The Old Republic with our enormous 10-page launch guide and behind-the-scenes coverage. Then bury your nose deeper into the February 2012 issue of PC Gamer US for previews of 2012's biggest games, including Diablo III, BioShock Infinite, Guild Wars 2 (which may just change everything we know about MMOs), Mass Effect 3, and more, as well as an all-star lineup of reviews, including Minecraft, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3, and Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

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Activision on CoD Elite PC comment: "We misspoke"

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Earlier today, PC Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players received a flashbang to the face when Activision dropped a hint that the stat-tracking community-oriented Elite service, which was initially promised for all platforms but delayed for the PC, might not appear on PCat all. Now, though, the publisher's singing a significantly more upbeat tune.

Black Ops dev regrets Second Chance perk

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We didn't like Black Ops as much as Modern Warfare 3 but didn't hate it either, awarding Treyarch's game with a solid 64% Not that it mattered though. Black Ops sold more copies in its first week than the superior Modern Warfare 3, which we liked a whole 15% more. Graham even described Infinity Ward's game as "fun."

David Vonderhaar, game design director at Treyarch has admitted that he regrets some of Black Ops features. In particular, he doesn't like the Second Chance Perk that let's downed players pull out a pistol and take a few pot shots before respawning. A more advanced version of the perk even let friendlies revive each other. It looked cool but broke the game for competitive play.

Skyrim reaches nearly 250,000 concurrent Steam users on day one, topples MW3

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Skyrim's kind of a big deal. Seeing as you've probably heard it mentioned more than the word "the" in the past 24 hours, I doubt that comes as a Tamriel-sized surprise to you. That said, at this point, even my cold, jaded soul can't help but say damn.

According to Steam's tracker, Skyrim's rocketed to 231,593 players (as of writing) during its first 24 hours. For reference, Modern Warfare 3's currently in distant second at 78,161. That's sort of, you know, insane. It's probably also a record number of people concurrently falling to their knees, gazing up into the falling rain, and cursing a single interface designer's name.

New Modern Warfare 3 single-player trailer sees the sights, blows them up

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When you work in this industry, you see a lot of things, man. Most of them are explosions. But when it comes to providing the most literal bang for your buck, Modern Warfare blows everyone else out of the water. And out of planes. And off the Eiffel Tower. Modern Warfare 3, of course, looks to carry on that grand tradition, and this brand new "Redemption" single-player trailer pretty much proves it.

Also, may I just say that I'm getting serious shades of Inception from that airplane level? I'm not generally the world's biggest Modern Warfare fan, but if I can play floating luggage pinball with some dude's face, sign me up.

Activision: Services like Call of Duty Elite to soon be a "necessity" for games

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Game-specific social networks are all the rage right now, with Call of Duty Elite, Blizzard's, and BF3's Battlelog leading the charge, to name a few. But are they here to stay, or will they be in social network heaven making angsty MySpace posts about their failures before too much longer? Activision, naturally, doesn't even doubt for a second that it's the former. VP of digital Jamie Berger didn't stop there, though. He claimed that future blockbuster games will go the way of Blockbuster if they don't hop aboard the social bandwagon.

E3 2011: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 trailer shows diving, killing, and explosions

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This Modern Warfare 3 demo was shown at Microsoft's Kinect-heavy E3 conference (commence boo-hissing now, loyal PC brethren), but was one of the few games that avoided the horrible motion control monster who seemed to be wandering the floor, shoehorning Kinect support into games that didn't need them. Instead, Modern Warfare 3 looks fiercely traditional, reusing the series' trademark man-shooting, themes of US invasion, and even the same fonts as earlier titles. You'll find the second half of the demo below the cut.

Modern Warfare 3 screenshots non-leaked

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Entirely on purpose, Activision PR has released a set of three new screens from this year's inevitable record-shattering-yet-divisive blockbuster military first-person shooter. If yesterday's trailer and the leak from last week left any doubt in your mind that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 would involve men with guns in a variety of locations, some of them damp, let these shots put your fears to rest.