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The World Cyber Games are dead (to us)

Tom Senior at

The World Cyber Games, once labelled the "e-sports Olympics" for its popularity, is to be rebranded as a mobile only games festival, according to a leaked email attributed to World Cyber Games CEO Brad Lee, which fell into Cadred's hands.

"we had been committed to the PC-Based gaming event for long time. We have witnessed that there have been many companies and organizations who went out of business because they didn't put effort to change. Therefore we concluded that we should create WCG's new identity," says the mail.

"Under this circumstance, we made a hard decision that we should bring the mobile, new key sector in the game industry, in our event concept. Hence, WCG decided to start the Mobile Game-Based Festival."

UK developer survey: 42 percent believe PC gaming's in "regression"

Nathan Grayson at

Well now, this is fairly upsetting. It's not, however, as upsetting as it should be. Develop's posted the results of a "comprehensive" 80-studio survey, and among other things, 42 percent believe PC gaming's going downhill. That, in case you forgot the title of this website, is the bad news.